Monday, January 19, 2015

TMP Conintues it's Celebration of the Duality and Unity of Being Trans

By Aurelius Jeffrey, TMP
Hello everyone, I am writing to introduce myself as the editor of TransMusePlanet. As a writer for over 30 years, the media arts have always been my passion and main creative outlet. I began as a child writing stories and making books to sell for a quarter. In 1991, at the age of 15, I began publishing a literary art magazine titled 'Soul Manifest'. The magazine went nationwide and brought in many submissions from all over the globe. It featured band interviews, book and film reviews, short stories, poetry, and all forms of art. Today Soul Manifest has spread to encompass a wider range of self-expression including; handcrafted artisan jewelry and books, DJ music, photography, and poetry.
That is what drew me to work as editor for TransMusePlanet. TMP has a belief and cause it enthusiastically stands behind. It recruits voices all over the world to promote and rally its causes. The sense of comradery and loyalty are ever present. The principles of truth, justice, and brotherly [sisterly] love are what give TMP the voice that I hope to share by aiding the effort. I hope that I am able to give back to our ever-expanding community in any way possible.
By Sabrina Samone, TMP
I am excited about the collaboration of TMP and Soul Manifest with Aurelius Jeffrey as editor. Together we hope to continue and grow with the belief that through celebration of the Unity and Duality of being Trans; nothing is impossible.
Why an additional editor? Quality! As TMP influence grows so does our need to be accurate and responsible for the content of our posts. Along with the familiar voice concerning our society we are expanding with The TMP Market Place. After reading our latest post we'd love you to visit the market place where the goal is to feature the craftsmanship of many within our community. Along with the market place we are also introducing the TransMusePlanet YouTube channel with several exciting projects in the works. We are paving the way for even bigger and more exciting projects under the TransMusePlanet banner.
Yes this is a blog, and I could forever use this to toot my own horn for my own pleasure, but that was never my intentions for TMP. My goal, as always, is to create a voice for the community and a place where one can feel celebrated for who they are. TMP is not just my blog but every Trans sister's and brother's. If we can help you by just being an extra voice for your project, story, or merchandise email us at We are a community and the only way to 'fix society' is by fixing our attitude, being responsible, and taking action.

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