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Trans World News 1-04-2015

By Sabrina Samone,  TMP

I remember the days before eBooks, and internet, yes I'm up there..., when people picked up a paper and read today's news. I noticed this today on a cloudy, cold and rainy day here in North Charleston, SC watching my fiancé read his news stories on his laptop. I thought of the days my grand pa would insist on having his cup of coffee and a paper or his day would not start. I had always enjoyed the image of a handsome man in glasses reading the paper or now  in 2015, watching one read the news feeds online.

As I browsed TMP Daily Dispatch, I couldn't help noticed the unbelievable but sometimes sad news from around the world and wanted to share what I think needs to be signal boosted to our community.

One that really caught my eyes was, 'Transgender divas Rock Muslim World, but common Transgender people fighting to get in'.
It reminds me of the days here in the 50's and  60's, and no I was not around not that old, when mostly the only assessable Trans people were the showgirls and boys. Or, as we see now in some Asian countries for years, where their showgirls are highly respected but common equality is still hard to fine. Luckily those in countries like Thailand are fighting the system now and stepping off the stage to fight as we once did.
It seems now to be the middle east's time to embrace the idea of the showgirl. Yes we know now from our history and the Asian world's current history that this small group of front line soldiers will be forced to be forgotten by the mainstream LGB folks. They also sadly have a long journey from stage to the halls of government as we've seen;  a journey of 25-50 years from that stage. We salute our sisters and brothers on the front line of the middle east fighting idea of being a transgender with one performance and one smile at a time.

For more on this story go to: Transgender Diva Rock Muslim World.

One of the exciting news stories this morning came out of Raigad India: Raigad gets it's first Transgender Mayor.
As the previous story told, in India Transwomen were  once only appreciated on stage. The third gender there had for centuries been considered special people of blessings and would be asked to christen children, help with baby names, bless weddings for good luck. We are considered spiritual leaders and you would imagine that would also equal in equality but it did not. Transgender people there suffered hundreds of years of hypocritical ideas of being a blessing and curse to society, but times are a changing and the Transgender community of India seems to be taking the lead in the fight for equality world wide.

For more on the story: Raigad get it's first Transgender Mayor

In the U.K. several reports claim at a rise in: Transphobic Hate Crimes rising in the UK.
Verbal abuse, assault and harassment on the streets of some of the U.K.'s biggest police departments have been reported. Many feel the police numbers are actually under counted and reported.
The Metropolitan police, the country’s largest force, saw offences against transgender people soar by 44% in 2014, with 95 crimes recorded – up from 66 last year and 59 in 2012.
They included 53 harassment offences this year, 17 common assaults, seven grievous bodily harm offences and seven assaults with injury.
Rape, robbery, criminal damage and burglary were also recorded by the force.
Avon and Somerset police recorded 38 transgender hate crimes between January and November, up from 22 in 2013 and 12 in 2012.

Yes one of the awful side effects of more visibility, more determination for our equal rights and protection is walking through the fire of hate, but we should always remember...we are not alone...we are a world wide community united standing for each brother and sister and they us. If you are alone just reach out...there is a community and loving support waiting for you.

For more on the story: Transphobic hate crimes rising in UK, police say

Here in the U.S. the anger over the untimely death of 17 year old Leelah Alcorn has sparked a rage within the trans* in social media not seen since Stonewall 1969. MSNBC had a real factual report today: Transgender Teen starts national conversation.

This incident has left many feelings through out the Trans world. Feelings of guilt that no one could have been of more help to young Leelah. Anger at the idea of Conversion therapy and the ignorance and hate demonstrated from the parents. Not too mention the since ignorant hateful comments we've all have had to read online has sparked an anger in a community that is saying loud and clear 2015 is and will be different over all our dead bodies.

                        LEELAH PETITION

Enact "Leelah's Law" to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy for Children and Teens

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