Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 2015 Book of the Month: The Transformation of David by S.F. Hopkins

Reviewed by Sabrina Samone,  TMP

I was emailed the synopsis of this book from a dedicated reader who had come to miss our regular book of the month here on TMP. So this is a promise this year to that reader and anyone who enjoys the book of the month reviews; I will make sure there is no missing month this year, if health permits.

The Transformation of David, by S.F. Hopkins at first glance seems like a cross between a cross dresser's wet dream, an ode to gender queer society or even a sci-fi flip on 'de-transitioning' and re-transitioning for that matter. This at times gay-woman and trans erotica, was my first pick for the chilly cold nights that most of us find ourselves in this month. What better way to get a mind screw and erotica all in one.

S.F. Hopkins has written five books. Lives in England and most of her novels lean towards the erotica. Her characters are often not easily defined by gender and gender itself is often the character going through most of the changes and never before so much as in 'Transformation of David'. The writer has an obvious interest in those places on the masculine/feminine continuum.

In the book, a cult religion teaches Andrew Matthews how to transfer other people between bodies. He becomes the hormone doctor in so many ways, as it's up to him to change people from one gender to the other. As in most stories greed changes things and Andrew changes  his own daughter Lottie into David, in order to seize control of a family fortune.

Lottie's dreams are realized as a life as a man. A man named David, who spends much of the book now enjoying all the cardinal lust a man would have for a woman fulfilled. Though David is happy for his transition into male hood, he is regretful for many things that had to be lost in life due to his new found masculinity.

The Transformation is a nice quick weekend read that's currently for .99 on Amazon so you can go wrong with price either.

Also U.K. Amazon link


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