Friday, November 15, 2013

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

By Sabrina Samone

Yes, I’m back TMP readers, and for the few that may have missed me and my regular post, there have been major reasons. While I am still in the midst of a major transition, (and not the kind we normally discuss, haha), I couldn’t pass this week up without posting as this upcoming Nov. 18 will mark the one year anniversary of Transmuseplanet.  With that in mind: I feel the need to reconnect with my readers or ‘reader’?  J

So what has been going on you may ask? Well after living in the state I came of age, SC, for the past ten years; I left one Charleston by the sea for the other Charleston in the valley of mountains. What would make a Pisces girl leave the ocean? It must be love my friends and my recent engagement to my fire sign warrior. I’m not totally a fish out of water my fellow Pisceans, I’m only blocks away from a beautiful river that splits the charming extremely LGBT friendly Charleston West Virginia in half. It was by that very river after an evening dinner with my boyfriend’s grandmother and family that the man of my dreams Aurelius proposed on old fashioned bended knee.

For the first time ever, outside of Aurelius, my mother and I, I am about to share with you the proposal from my new Fiancé:

Well…this is a TMP blog and do you think I would give the good stuff just yet? J First, how exactly did I end up in Charleston WV? Well my friends if you are reading this then this is how it all happened, nearly one year ago this upcoming November 18th.

Over a year and a half ago a five year relationship had come to an end. Since we have redefined our relationship into more of a sibling relationship I will be kind and only say that it was another example yet again to me that very few  men could be totally faithful to one girl like me, at least after years of being single, it was my conclusion I had finally come to.

With that split I had emerged myself in the one man at the time I believed in, Barrack Obama.  It was the summer of 2012; hot, muggy, and sticky as usual in Charleston, SC, a republican state but a state desperate for change. Though you could not miss out on the typical ‘good old boy’ mouthing off about Obama being a Communist…Nazi…Muslim…Jew…Anti-Christ…Half breed (yes I was told this), I couldn’t resist getting involved. When Obama was first elected, in my neck of the woods, everyone believed it to be no more than a lucky break and if only the Republican Party could re-organize yet again and they did, that they would not allow this to happen again, i.e. their slogan: “Take our country back”. God only knew how worst SC could get in my book for someone like me if he didn’t win. So I volunteered. I called potential voters weekly…then monthly along with others from the Dorchester County Democratic Headquarters. I canvassed the streets for support for our POTUS; I volunteered to help people in North Charleston projects to vote. I was determined to be able to say if he didn’t win, I knew it wasn’t from me not trying to support someone with a message I thought was sorely needed. On November the 4th, Barrack Obama was re-elected to a second term…now what?

Being single was again, no fun. Offers to return to gender illusion shows no longer held the appeal they did for me years ago.  There were no producers in SC offering a Trans-girl a role and the thought of being able to afford to live in New York City so I could do a low paying off off Broadway character quickly fell through. I needed a creative outlet and needed to better my skills so I could finally finish my first novel. An editor friend suggested a blog…but what to write about? It being on the heels of a heated election and feeling socially, politically rebellious I decided to focus my attention on the fractured Trans Community, which was and to some degree still is, divided by race, economics, and regional differences.

After a few months I began receiving comments from a reader; uplifting and very supportive. We connected on facebook and he began to be a major supporter of my little rants here. He liked the TMP facebook page and we began to chat and flirt. I as a trans-woman who appreciates not being liked just because I am a trans-woman but as just another woman could relate to my trans-brother who told me of similar horror stories in his single life. Eventually we began texting, phone conversations through the night and eventually met and both knew it was love at first site.

It has not come at an easy price. While I never saw any trans man I’ve dated as anything but a man as I’d like anyone who dates me , to see me as just a woman, many LGBT and surprisingly T did. But fair weathered friends that are rarely happy for your happiness are rarely friends to begin with.

So fast forward to a few more meetings, weekends and weeks together and as he walked me along what is known as the blvd here in Charleston WV, commenting on the art that is displayed up and down the river, he told me how much it meant to him that his family liked me and I like them…he stops…falls to bended knee and reads what he has written down on a piece of paper, shackingly he says:

“There are a million reasons why I love you. There are a million ways I could tell you and a trillion ways I could show you. There’s simply not enough time in the world or in this life to even express what you mean to me. To have you in my life, to hold you close, to feel your presence with me always is like the air I breathe. I can’t live without it. I want to be by your side to hear every laugh, to see every smile, to share every joy. I want to be right there for you, to wipe away every tear, to calm every fear, to take away all your sadness. You are the one person in this life I simply don’t want to live without. You are the reason the sun shines in my world, even when it’s storming around me. I want you with me for all eternity so I can share with you what you give to me.”

And after that what is a girl to do but say…Hell yes...and I did and I also still hold on to his little piece of paper with plans to have it buried with me lol.

The next phase was a little more complicated…we both could no longer live in separate states. After every visit it became harder and harder to say goodbye. We decided the next step was to move in together to start our life with each other.

Though we are just regular people trying to make a life in this world that stands against us, we know what we have to do in a state with little support for people like us. The work that has been done here has been overlooked within the community. Very few know this, but if you are trans and from West Virginia you can thank Aurelius for being the one, 3 years ago that help changed a law for Trans-women and men to be completely legal without SRS (more to come on that subject in this week’s interview with my new fiancé). We hope that once our lives have settled in nicely; to give back and to form Charleston West Virginia first Trans support and advocacy group with a form of the purple panthers here in West Virginia, of course you will hear it here first on TMP when that time comes.

So friends now you know and I hope my readers can forgive me for my lack of posts over the past 3 months as we went through frustrating long distance engagement to a cross 3 state move, but I am glad to be plugged in and back for duty to continue ranting about what is needed most from our own community and the larger society that WILL GIVE US OUR EQUALITY.

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