Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another murder of a Brazilian Trans-woman

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

For decades, Transgender people of Brazil have enjoyed a relative normal and supportive life than any other country. Hormonal and surgeries provided by the government and very low rates of harassment. We have to thank the American Evangelical movement for changing that. In the past few years the transgender Brazilian community is increasingly becoming more of a target, along with funded American evangelical organizations preaching intolerance, now murders are reported nearly weekly. The latest is Savannah Vougue, a Brazilian trans-woman.

Savannah Vougue who was hit and shot in the face, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 28. A drive by that resulted in the shooting of two transgender women. On the evening of Friday, two trans-women, Savannah and 26 years old India suffered shots from a hate crime. A car stopped near the viaduct Promaorar the South zone of Teresina in Brazil, the driver called the two trans-women over and fired about 11 shots at them.

Savannah was shot in the face and was promptly transferred to a local hospital in serious condition. India was shot in the shoulder and wrist. The shooter was described in local Brazilian papers as a middle aged man and was described screaming at the two women during the incident.
According to information from the police, police patrols are now being held in the region in order to identify and arrest the suspected driver who shot the two women. 

  A country that was once one of the safest havens for the Transgender community is quickly joining the ranks of other nations with atrocities against LGBT people, like Russian, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Greece, America and several other nations that have seen a rise in violence towards people "supposedly" deemed undesirable my "so called" Christian organization

Now more than ever the United Nations and Amnesty International should be pressured to encourage all nations to protect the lives and dignity of LGBT people.

 Petition United Nations for Equal Human Rights for Transgendered People   Transgender Petition to the United Nations  : With links to several other petions including a petion to stop Transgender violence in America.                              

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pride week Charleston Style: Charting a Course for Change

By Sabrina Samone, TMP
 Finally, it’s that time again peeps, to don your rainbow apparel for Charleston Pride week 2013.  In 2010, Charleston Pride held its first Pride weekend in North Charleston as an alternative to the event in Columbia, for South Carolina’s largest LGBT community which lies in the Charleston Metro area. Last year, organizers created a terrific event with nearly Ten thousand in attendance. Every year it has grown and with the main focus, the parade, now being accepted by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, the crowd is expected to be the largest Pride Event in South Carolina for a parade down king street in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

This year, the weeklong event is packed with activities for everyone regardless of age. Charleston Pride week starts Monday July 29th, with a family picnic, short film festival, a party in the Park and culminating in the highly anticipated downtown parade on Saturday August 3rd, then a blow out party at the nationally known Music Farm, nestled between Dudleys On Anne, which is like an LGBT version of Cheers and Pantheonthe best diva show in the state and shirtless muscled guys galore. Finally, for those few souls able to make it out of bed the next morning, it all ends with a nice relaxing Sunday Brunch on the 4th.

In my time I’ve enjoyed many Pride Events, from NYC, Atlanta and Miami, but I’m really excited about the weeklong events that are planned here. The largest crowd ever for a South Carolina Pride event is expected and the weekend blowout. My guest rooms are all booked up already with my girlfriends from out of town, whom I can’t wait to party like it was still 1999 with again lol. Some of the things I’m most looking forward too is meeting many other transgender women and men from around the state when I join them in the march with Palmetto Transgender Association and the newly formed SC Equality Trans Action, a new extension program of SC Equality, that fights for LGBT rights in this state. Trans Action focuses its work on the transgender and gender variant community. Also, I will be attending a night of LGBT Short Films July 30th, with several films all lasting 90 min and on August 3rd, the talk is that the must see show will be the play I Lost Everything and Now I Am Hungry, starring my Trans-brother Ron’Rico Jay. Finally, the girls are demanding I get drunk and party Saturday night, but I will not be wearing heels and extensions like I did last year and sat there melting. I will be the girl with the slightly see through easy breezy sun dress, I am not planning on breaking much of a sweat this year, maybe lol. One thing of note that I'm overwhelmed with joy about, organizers,  the bars and all the LGBT community has gone beyond the norm for our state, to make sure this Pride event is a Pride Event for all demographics of the TBGL Community. I've heard of several weekend BBQ's and gatherings planned among TBGL members in the Arican-American-Jewish and a Latino Trans pool pageant and with events planned at Club Dejavu in North Charleston, it surely will be a Pride week for the record books.
The excitement is really building around town so I had to ask a few friends around the area what they are most looking forward to enjoying this week at Charleston Pride 2013.

Jessica Anderson will be looking forward to her second Pride Event  ever and says, "Every time I've been downtown I always have a strong fear of getting "found out." Though I like being able to at least get people to question gender, the fear of physical assault prevents me from being excited about being in large groups of people and enjoying myself."
Dale Brown is on the Board of Directors of Charleston Pride and has been a long term volunteer for the event. He says, "Saturday is going to be a blast...we have our biggest parade yet, then the rally and really looking forward to our after party with Detox (from the Rupaul Drag Race), and Spikey Van Dikey."  

Fey Prevesk  says," I'm looking forward to just seeing my friends and other people in the LGBT community."

Ava Clear is one of the headliners of the popular and the most packed LGBT bar in the state, Pantheon and says. "She's looking forward to riding and representing Pantheon on the float."

Noah Arjani will be expierencing his first ever Pride Event and says, "I'm looking forward to everything lol. I'm excited to exerience something new yet so familiar and expand my knowledge about the community    

Shane Bryant says, "Well I've attended the parades before and loved them, but I'm not a morning person, so I'm most looking forward to the Compass Party at the Music Farm, mainly because detox from Rupaul Drag Race will be performing."

So get ready folks it looks like it's going to be one hell of a bumpy ride of FUN, LGBTQ style and you already know that we know how to throw a fabulous party, so see you soon. Now you know the whose who of the southeast LGBT* will be there, here is the itinerary, what event will we see you at?

Charleston Pride 2013


Plan now to join us for Charleston Pride 2013
in historic downtown Charleston!

Schedule of Events

Monday, July 29th

We Are Family / PFLAG Pride Family Cookout
Stono Shelter, James Island County Park
$1 Admission to the Park

Tuesday, July 30th

Special Event - A Night of LGBT Short Films
North Charleston Picture House
4820 Jenkins Ave, North Charleston

Click here for more information about our featured short films

Wednesday, July 31st

Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA) Symposium
Charleston Marriott on Lockwood Blvd.

Thursday, August 1st

Takeover Charleston
DIG in the Park, North Charleston

Friday, August 2nd

Pride Festival Meet & Greet
Aqua Terrace Bar at Host Hotel - Marriott on Lockwood

Saturday, August 3rd

9:00 AM
Pride Parade
Downtown Charleston
The parade will start on Ann Street and continue down
King Street to Broad Street and end at Colonial Lake.
Viewing is recommended on King Street.

11:00 AM
Pride Rally
Brittlebank Park - Downtown Charleston (ending at 4:00 PM)
Beer garden, food trucks, performers, speakers, and vendors.

Compass - The Official Pride After Party

Featuring Detox from RuPaul's Drag Race,
Spikey Van Dykey and DJ Kelly DeFazio
Music Farm - 32 Ann St
Purchase Tickets Online

Sunday, August 4th

Brunch is a Drag
Joe Pasta - 428 King Street

All you need to know at Charleston Pride Festival.org

Charleston Pride Festival Facebook Page

Club Pantheon 

Club Dejavu

Dudleys On Anne

The Music Farm Pride After Party 

Pride Family Pic Nic 

A Night of LGBT Short Films 

The Play: I lost Everything and Now I'm Hungry

SC Equality

SC Equality Trans Action

Palmetto Transgender Association

Charleston Area Transgender Support Group

Alliance for Full Acceptance

We Are Family

The Campus Pride

College Of Charleston's Safe Zone

College Of Charleston's TBGL Resource

South Carolina Equality announced the introduction of H.4025: “The Workplace Fairness Act” at a press conference at the State House

Roll Call: South Carolina LGBTQ…Please stand 

Charleston SC is actually shocked they were named snobbiest city?

The Colllege of Charleston to install gender neutral bathrooms for trans students  



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Horror at the Hands of the Hateful

Prelude to guest blog post by Sabrina Samone, TMP

Lately I’ve heard too many horror stories of violence against Transgender women, especially trans-women of color. Unfortunately, we all as transgender women live in a hostile world. A world of men that value the female as lesser and the lives of Transgender women as extinguishable.

Elizabeth VonGeist is an artist, peace loving and hopeful type of Trans-sister. She plays with her band, Revenant Odyssey and plans to start a Trans assistance foundation with her bands support. She’s endured a life that is so familiar yet tragic, that many transgender women can relate too, but as many of us do, refuse to let it destroy us.

She has decided to share her story in hopes it may shine light on those that don’t understand or know what Transgender women face every day in this world and inspiration for those that need reminding, to keep their heads held high against a world that has labeled us as targets.

I’m proud to present my first guest blog from Elizabeth VonGeist, to the readers of Transmuseplanet.

Guest post by Elizabeth VonGeist

This is my personal account of a horrific act of bigotry, hatred, violence and torture that I had the honor to survive, and live to tell the tale so that our Trans-sisters and brothers, may not be subjected to such atrocities. This is but one chapter of a life of agony that I had not the choice to choose, but the duty to endure and sacrifice of myself so that others may be saved.

Illumination begins:

Though I may appear white to most people, I am descended from Jews, Arabs, Persians, Egyptians, my great great grandmother was full blooded native American my history is comprised o a vast array of ethnicity...and of course I am also mtf Transgender, a lesbian and by the narrow minded opinions of many also Wiccan.

I have personally endured racism, hatred, abandonment, discrimination, defamation n of character and survived a brutal rape and torture by three men who broke into my semi truck while I was sleeping on the seventh night of sitting at a truck stop after all four of my freight brokerages abandoned me. Not for failing in my duties, nor violating strict dot laws, but simply because I had begun my transition and renounced the costume of the person I never was by dressing as myself as I felt comfortable.

The first month of my new life of freedom and truth, I was two states away from my home, my now acrimonious ex wife, my beloved long lost furry puppy children and each and every single member of my entire biological family (whom I loved so dearly and endured 13 suicide attempts from an very early age in the desperate but futile attempt to protect their feelings and to keep from losing them all), abandoned me. All but for their vicious, cruel, intermittent bursts of psychological warfare in attempt to destroy my spirit via deep emotional trauma against my heart, that had endured a nightmarish hell of misery since the age of three, simply because I was born by no fault or choice of my own as a female imprisoned within the visage of a male, gender dysphoria.

The last of those seven day I was stranded with very little money for food and certainly nowhere near enough to buy diesel fuel to make it back to my home in South Carolina, with my cheap synthetic wig, a dress that my wife had given me and leggings to stay warm from the bitter cold. I siphoned what little remaining diesel fuel there was in the fuel tank of my great dane/thermoking refrigerated trailer, into my semi truck's fuel tank, in order to keep the caterpillar 15.2 liter twin turbo c15 motor running, so that I might keep warm inside what I believed to be the safety of my big black K-whopper semi truck.

That seventh night, I awoke to the horror of three men inside my truck. The first thought that entered my mind was, 'thank the goddess, my precious little fur ball, golden Pomeranian, Lou-Lou, was not with me as she had always been before. Surely they would have killed her and they were about to do just that to me. My next thought was, I'm no longer afraid to die, for at least this time, I would draw my last breath as myself and no other. I endured hours that seemed without end of...pain...vicious cruelty...torture...repeated rape and innumerable verbal and physical gestures of merciless violence, that I felt sure would mean my death.

They wasted no moment to degrade, dehumanize me; speaking with such ferocity of hatred, insanity, rape and tortured me until my spirit was broken. None could hear me if I called for help over the impenetrable sound barrier of that powerful caterpillar diesel engine running in my ken worth that bore the name of my very own d.o.t., commercial trucking authority (Revenant Transport), and the many other engines clamor from the other nearby semi trucks.

Somehow, by the grace of God himself, they finally stopped the horror, left my truck and disappeared into the early darkness before dawn. I immediately locked my doors, which I had always done without fail before, tied the door handles to each other across the front seats and fell upon the bed that was stained with blood and other things. I threw up several times, cried, shook and screamed in the disbelief of what had just befallen me...and I lay there for hours, days it seemed not knowing what to do or say next. I finally knew what I had to do.

Forgive them, unconditionally, without reservation, hatred, anger or a desire for revenge...for if I did not, I would never be able to heal and continue in the hope of peace and have a normal and happy of a life as possible through my transition to freedom as myself, the woman I was born...imprisoned in a lifeless carcass bearing the image of another, a man whose life was not my own. I was a woman, breaking her chains and defining her own life. The men who raped, tortured and brutalized me had done so in the attempt to break my spirit and steal my womanhood. THEY FAILED; that is an unbreakable part of me.

I love my fellow humans, know that all life is precious and my sole purpose in this life is the pursuit of freedom, equality and to save as many lives as I'm able, by whatever means I am able too. My fellow male to female transgender of all ethnicity, all nationalities, all cultures, all religions or without one; are my main priority, for we are the most victimized demographic that encompasses all races and aforementioned diversities. We all bleed red, each and every single human being, all of us. There is truly no difference between any of us. We are all one human species despite the labels of division that society has enforced, indoctrinated and brainwashed us into afflicting upon one another.

May God, have mercy on the human race, for we can't seem to grant it to each other. I will not give up, I will not abandon my Trans-sisters and brothers like I and so many of us have so mercilessly suffered.


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This is dedicated for all my sisters, myself included, who live with the scars of rape.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

America…leave Anthony Weiner’s wiener alone already!

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Warning here..I will be a little crude.
New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 after a sexting scandal, admitted Tuesday that his exhibitionist behavior didn’t stop when he stepped down in disgrace.  Anthony Weiner has said, “Some of these things happened before my resignation. Some of them happened after.” What many didn’t mention in news stories today during Anthony Weiner’s press conference is that he mentioned this would happen when he began running for Mayor. “Some things may come out that are true,” he said at the time. “Some things are not…Basically, New Yorkers know the story. I did it. I did it with multiple people. These things were wrong and inappropriate and I never should have been dishonest about it. They played out in the most public and embarrassing way possible. And that’s it.”

How hypocritical is the media? Even my favorite news outlet MSNBC totally ignored the adulterer, Mark Sanford, who cheated, lied, and disappeared from his job and here in the “so called bible belt”, where who you sleep with or love, is the concern of everyone, including the government, the slimy toad slid his way right back into the office with the help of every church group here, but Anthony Weiner is a fair target?

Since then, many politicians that have fallen from grace have received the green light to make a comeback, but it may seem that forgiveness is reserved for only Republicans. Anthony Weiner, who is a Democrat running for Mayor of NYC, fell from Grace after him tweeting pictures of his member to a few women. He didn’t have a mistress, he didn’t abandon his office to fly to another country to meet that mistress, he didn’t receive a blow job while in his office, he didn’t have a baby with another woman while his wife was dying of cancer and didn’t dump his wife to marry his mistress he was fooling around with while married like Newt Gingrich. All the men that did those things have been forgiven by the Republican Party and now everyone wants to hang this man by his shaft? He didn’t cheat on his wife physically, and yes he did lie. Who’d want to admit to being a pervert? Do you think he’s the only man doing this?

It seems since the camera phone was created, a man went hey, ‘I’ll take a picture of my junk and send to this girl I’m interested in.’ I’ve been asked by and unimaginable amount of men over the past decade from online, to meet and go on a date. When I asked, may I see pictures of them, I was always introduced to a penis. My first and only response is always, “wow…a penis…you have one…congratulations.”  I love what my girlfriend tells men, “Does a job…car…home…conversation and personality go along with that penis?” Instead of jumping on Anthony Weiner’s case maybe we should let all the male population know that we don’t need to see their wiener schnitzel, to know that they are a guy.

But what’s really the reason this angers so many in politics? Is it the word Penis or the 170 synonyms for it? Could it be that many politicians and those men in the media are suffering from a little penis envy? I mean, can we talk seriously for a second? Did anyone ever think that an uptight politician would be packing and have a body like that? I say you go Anthony Weiner, be proud of what you got; granted you should just brag with your wife and a few buddies but hey, other than those affected by his large member, who else has been offended to the point that this man doesn’t deserve to go on with his life? In fact this maybe his way of staying physically faithful to his wife and still gets his rocks off and for those men in the media treating this like the holocaust, get over yourselves…so you feel less of a man because Anthony Weiner is a nerd and hung and you’re not, don’t you know by now to most women it’s not about what the man has but who the man is inside?
Now don’t get me wrong, I do not condone this type of behavior and I don’t want a bunch of t-chasers thinking this is a green light to send Sabrina Samone a nude picture, it’s not, it’s the worst thing a man can do to turn me off is to send me a picture of his Johnson and trans-chasers are the worst at this. It’s a total turn off but I think most men don’t realize this, because let’s be honest, among some women; Cis and Trans, there are some freaks out there. Men should just learn to be able to discern the difference between a lady and a tramp but as far as being a politician, I don't think what you have or don't have between your legs makes you better or worse at the job.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

It’s a boy…Hope they name him Spencer after his grandmother Diana Spencer

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

As my girlfriends here would say, “I’m not your fan,” and no, I’m not a fan of the Royal Family. For one,  I don’t get  why, as Americans we’d care…didn’t we have a war over 200 and something years ago to get away from the monarchy? Why, we as a culture are so into them here, I’ll never understand. I’m sure our founding fathers are gasping in their graves every time there’s a news report on them. The one I did admire, Princess Diana, I have my ideas what happened and yes most think that it’s a conspiracy theory but I’m a believer in those theories, so I’ve had little respect for them since. I mean seriously, who goes for Carmela whatever, after marring Diana…talk about a down grade but…a baby is born and regardless how privileged the family is, off the backs and taxes of the people of the United Kingdom, it’s still a marvelous thing when a new child enters the world. The birth of a child reminds us all, even if you’re like me and barren as a desert, that there is always hope that is reborn with every child.
Yes, finally, Duchess Catherine has given birth to a baby boy, who wasn’t all that in a hurry to leave from within his mommy by the way. If that is a sign of his future personality, this will be one private Prince. This hesitant monarch becomes third in line for the British throne. The couple’s first child, and the first grandchild of the late great Princess Diana, was born at 4:24 PM, weighing eight lbs, six ounces. According to some news reports the favorite choices going around for his name is George and James. I’d wish the royal couple, especially William, who always reminded me of his mother would consider naming him Spencer, his late mother’s last name. Could you image how complete,respectful and what a tribute that would be to the memory of Diana? He could even have Charles as a middle name…Prince Spencer Charles etc etc, but it may be awhile before we know, according to US magazine, Prince William and Kate took 3 weeks to figure out a name for their cocker spaniel before deciding to name him Lupo, which mean “wolf” in Italian. Other Royal names have taken as long as well.

“Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well and will remain in the hospital overnight,” said a statement from the Royal Household, which sidestepped tradition to announce the birth with a press release. Princess Diana would have loved the breaking of tradition, sounds like this little one is off to a brilliant start already. According to every newspaper there is, they also say that “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” the press release says.

As the birth was announced, a loud cheer went up from the well-wishers and media gathered outside St. Mary’s Hospital in West London and every news outlet in America had something to report this evening, so I figured I might as well join in and wishing the little baby boy a happy welcome to his new world and much happiness and who I hope the family mysteriously sees this post (yea right) and consider naming him Spencer Charles but he’ll always be referred to me as Princess Diana’s grandson. I so hope he grows up and takes after his grandmother. So here’s to you little (hopefully Spencer Charles), welcome to the world and what a privileged world it is…enjoy every day.


UPDATE JULY 24, 2013; The couple have decided on a name and didn't take my advice,lol. The new Prince will be named George Alexander Louie Windsor, but as I said, he's Princess Diana's grandson to me.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another sister gone!

By Sabrina Samone, TMP           

After what seems to be a year, worldwide, of violence against transgender women, yet another sister’s life has been claimed. On Wednesday July 17th, police received a call from a woman who claimed that her boyfriend had killed someone. Charles Sargent, 44, is accused of murdering the victim after he claims, that he was angered by finding out that the victim was a transgender woman. He allegedly used a hatchet and screwdriver to kill the victim, who because of the amount of disfigurement, has yet to be identified.

The woman who called in the incident said she did so because Sargent threatened to harm her and her children if she told anyone. She also told police that Sargent brought a body wrapped in bed sheets and then once again threatened to kill her. She went on to say he later grabbed plastic bags to wrap body parts and that he had told her it was someone he had “relations” with. He allegedly was found with an axe in his possession. Once in custody, Sargent confessed to the murder. He also has a criminal record and has been charged with rape and aggravated assault in the past.
Sargent is charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, abuse of a corpse and making terroristic threats.  Investigators say police recovered a six-inch pocket knife as well, from the home Sargent shared with his girlfriend on the 2100 block of North 32nd Street, in Philadelphia. Investigators searched the vacant lot on Sedgley and York where they found William’s body parts. Sargent’s current girlfriend is currently staying with her mother. She says that the home she shared with him “smells like death” and that she likely won’t return.

It’s obvious the defense is already in progress to claim some type of temporary insanity due to him finding out the person was female, due to the statements the murderer has made, but he is also on record of stating to the caller he has had relations already with the victim. This is an obvious outright attempt to appeal to the prejudices of many against transgender people.

This year, we in the Transgender community have had to be witnesses to an alarming amount of hate crimes against the Transgender Community, with little or no coverage from Transphobic Heterosexual media. If any coverage has been given to past victims, their gender identity has been outright disrespected and ridiculed by many in the media like the Cleveland Ohio papers and Fox News, playing into many in the general public’s bigotries.

It’s time we demand and hold all those in media responsible by calling in to our local stations, newspapers and national outlets and ask them, why aren’t the lives of Transgender people as important to you, aren’t you much of the cause of the murder of hundreds of Transgender people this year alone as much as the murderer’s themselves.

Let’s pray that a rapist don’t get off the hook because he was inconvenienced during his assault on someone by finding out that his rape victim was a transgender female. Transgender people are not responsible for his behavior.

This is a  video of Philadelphia coverage of the arrest.

UPDATE 7-22-2013
A speak out and vigil will be held for the now named,  Diamond Williams, the transgender woman brutally killed and mutilated in Philadelphia. GALAEI and MAZZONI CENTER are hosting the Speak out and Vigil July 23 from 5:30-6:30pm with representatives from Trans-health Information Program. Speaking, will be several leading Transgender leaders in the area. For more information go to swop-philly.com

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If Trayvon Martin was a gay black man or transgender person of color...?

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

As a nation, we’re facing one of those rare moments when a “civilized people”, should be able to have an open, honest dialogue about discrimination in this country and actually achieve some progress. The very human, founding fathers of America created a utopian dream, during a nightmare for many and a dream that has yet to be fulfilled. Benjamin Franklin wrote in the Constitution, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The trial of George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty after willfully denying a request not to approach or follow the young 17, unarmed Trayvon Martin who, while innocently walking back from a store he was chased down by an overzealous, bi-racial (Latino-Caucasian), with something to prove.Trayvon, a minor, found himself fighting to defend his life from the gun-toting, George Zimmerman. The verdict has caused a nation to divide; among those seeing a constant disadvantage in the justice system and those holding on to long standing bigotries. While I’ve watched, family, friends, co-workers argue and rally for their causes, one question haunts me; what if Trayvon Martin had been a gay black male or a transgender person of color?
A jury in Sanford, Florida, found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter after a three-week trial in which defense lawyers argued that Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot Martin in self-defense. According to the Chicago Tribune, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder on Monday, called the shooting death of Trayvon Martin “unnecessary,” raising questions about whether he believed George Zimmerman, acted in self-defense when he shot the unarmed teenager. Most American’s, especially the African-American community, which I’m included, also have questioned that Zimmerman actually acted in self-defense. Usually in the case of self-defense someone has been attacked and attempted to defend themselves. Zimmerman was the one to follow Martin, after 911 dispatchers requested him not. Zimmerman was the one who chose to follow and attack Martin, yet Zimmerman was found not guilty, winning, based on self defense. He was judged by a jury that did not represent the taxpaying base of Seminole County, Florida. According to the 2010 census, African-American’s represented 12% of the population, yet was not represented on the jury.  As the verdict was read, the smug Zimmerman looked unsurprised, sure of his self and those that would rally behind him. The white America plagued with bigotry he so yearned to belong too, the white America chosen to be his judge.
Ironically this weekend, I was witness to a discussion between transgender persons; one stated more support from the T community for LGB causes, the other stating we have waited too long for them to “get to our issues,” a divide in belief within an oppressed group, which questions the support of a larger oppressed group. I have been a witness in my life to gay America telling the Transgender community in so many words; “we will get to your issues soon," and the racism within the TBGL community.  For years, as a trans-woman of color, I watched as African-American civil rights leaders argued whether or not TBGL  issues are equal to their's, as a civil rights issue for TBGL's “pursuit of happiness,” another example of an oppressed group which questions the support from a larger oppressed group. While I support Martin, his family and the America that questions where is the justice for Trayvon Martin, I can’t help but wonder where is the outcry of justice for CeCe McDonald, a trans-woman of color serving a 41 month sentence for the crime of defending herself against a white supremacist? Where is the outcry of justice for Coko Williams, Sage Smith, Paige Clay, Deoni Jones, Ce-ce Acoff and many more, all African-American as well, but Trans; all attacked for just living their life in a country with the “pursuit of happiness” in its foundation? Why haven’t their cause and murder been embraced by America and especially African-American Cis-gender society?  While the case of Trayvon Martin angered black America, black America was also expressing their outrage and trans-phobic bigotry towards Amiyah Scott, for being pictured with Chad Johnson, as detailed in “What Chad Johnson and Amiyah Scott can teach us about respecting Transgender Women; a call for black America to cease the intolerance, ignorance and disrespect that is shown towards “their”, Trans-women of color. I proudly say their, because black America has some outspoken trans-women of color fighting for them; like Monica Roberts, who is speaking at rallies in support of Trayvon, Cheryl Courtney-Evans, myself and a list of trans-women of color living among you, fighting with black America, but where is your fight for us, for those of us brutally murdered daily? Sadly, and it gives me no pleasure in saying this but it makes me wonder; would America and Black America give a damn about Trayvon Martin if he had been one of us? If he had been a black gay male switching his way home or if he had been a transgender woman of color, trying to resist being  a statistic, in the sex industry trade due to white Hetero-Cis-gender laws, by just walking her way back home from taking college courses?

As I sit in this hypocritical country we call a free nation, a melting pot and land where “all men are created equal,” I hope the lasting legacy of young Trayvon Martin will be as a wakeup call to all the older generations and those yet to come of different races, religions, gender, sexual-orientation and class; to start a discussion and ask ourselves, are we living up to the dream of what this nation can be? If you are fighting for equality; they are fighting for equality; those over there are fighting for equality, aren’t we all then fighting for equality? A fight for the dream of what America can be? There is no freedom for none, until there is freedom for everyone. Your struggle, African-Latino-Asian America are the same struggles of your African-Latino-Asian TBGL community; LGB people your struggle is my struggle as a Transgender person and mine yours. We are all fighting the same fight, “human rights”, but not together and until then, we will never wake up from the nightmare and realize the dream of this nation; that all men are created equal.


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ten things a “trans chaser” says and what it really means…

 By Sabrina Samone, TMP           
Updated addition 7/15/2016 on bottom

"Trans Chasers, are men that'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, but fifty cents for your soul." -Sabrina Samone
Comic from whatsnormalanyway.net
I don’t necessarily totally agree with this, I don’t classify those with a genuine interest in the person as another human being as a chaser. Some are attracted to transgender specifically for their spirit and mind, having had so many struggles, transcending genders and our unique broader view of the world, and are just attracted to that person regardless of gender. This I can understand but when it is hyper sexualized, that is the typical “chaser”. Heterosexual Transwomen and gay trans-men may suffer the most because of their direct contact to men, who are often viewed as doing and saying whatever it takes to get laid. Not that all men are dogs, but if it barks and walks like a dog, it’s a dog.

While we as transgender people desire, love, respect and companionship;” Tranny Chasers” are the bane of Trans existence.  Ask any trans-woman respectfully and she could tell anyone the stresses of enduring a life plagued with t-chasers. Unfortunately, many out and open trans-women, are commonly preyed upon by these abusive ignoramuses. Due largely to these ignorant cretins, the public has been handed a misinformed view of what it means to be Trans.

What that says to me is that because of the very same men that have a hyper sexualized fantasy,  of Trans people are more to blame for the explosion of the transgender sex industry. Transgender porn is currently the fastest growing form of porn. Because of laws preventing easier ways of changing legal documents, many transgender people find themselves trapped in the sex industry, desired, yet degraded by these types of men. Leaving mainstream society to label us more than ever, as constant sexual creatures that should be rightfully denied equality; down to a growing urge to deny many transgender people the correct restroom matching their presented gender. Even the transgender community itself has been torn by these exploiters of trans-feminine beauty. Dividing those in the sex industry from being fully accepted by the mainstream transgender society, who blames them for the over sexualized image of the transgender person. That is image is all because of the “T-Chaser” who claim to worship us. Transgender people should not be blamed for T-chasers sexual fantasies gone wild.

How do you know when you’re faced with someone with a sincere interest in you as a person and not as a “thing to explore?” What do the words of a chaser really mean? After discussing this with several online transgender women, a post of questions on a popular Trans dating site, I’ve come up with a quick beware list of what chaser’s say and what it really means.

   What a T-chaser says:

1.       I really like t-girls

Translation: I want to sleep with you, your roommate, your best friends, your trans-sisters, mama, daughter, nieces, your fellow showgirl friends, your trans-acquaintances…

2.       I love she males and trannies

Translation: I have no respect for you as a human being so I continue to use derogatory labels to dehumanize you.

 3.       I never been with a t-girl, but would  like to try.                           

  Translation Again, I think you’re less than human, with no emotions or feelings. I think of you as equal to a lab rat. Also, you should feel grateful I’d want to be with you. (Many are under the impression they are the only Cis-gender hetero-male to be attracted to a trans-girl.)

4.       I’m a versatile bottom. Are you a top?                
           Translation: I'm a bottom whore, I could never be faithful because I'd have to sample every shape, size, width, length etc. etc. etc...
 5.       I’m looking for a long term relationship with specifically, a t-girl:   
              Translation:   Since your not a working girl, I have to try and say something nice to convince you to fall and let me "try you" with no strings attached.
6.       I want to get to know you better:
              Translation: I may live in Timbuktu, but hoping you'd cyber with me and get me off and I'm only interested in what's between your legs, I could care less about you as a person, or I'll lie to you about wanting  to meet you, but will let you down because I don't consider you a person with feelings.
7.       How big are you?: 
             Translation: Again, I just want to sample you, I have a penis fetish but straight.
8.       You’re not my first t-girl:
             Translation: See, I get around and will probably do your friends next if given the chance.
9.       I'd like to come over and spend time with you. I really like you:
             Translation:  This is really a 2 am booty call. I'll never meet you and take you out on a proper date because I don't respect you the same way I respect a cis-woman, you're less to me.

10.   Wow…Your pictures are so beautiful,  your the most beautiful t-girl ever:
               TranslationI expect you to live up to my trans porn image of you, twenty-four seven. If you ever slip, I'm outta here.       
Now this may seem harsh if your a man and if you aren't guilty of any of these in your dealing with trans-women, then congrats, your not what we consider a "T-Chaser". This may be easily dismissed by men as just hateful, bitter t-girl male bashing. I assure you I'm not and when dating anyone new, I do keep an open mind with out placing all men in that catagory, but when I asked 8 other trans-women to tell me what they hear the most from T-chasers, these came up, and when posted on a trans-dating site 76 trans-women helped pick ten of the 17 things they know t-chasers say and the meaning behind it, so not just one girl is feeling this. In fact I was inspired to do a post like this by a video from Raven Wear, whom I've coined the Wendy Williams of Trans youtube, discussing T-Chasers.
                                                  Raven: What is a Tranny Chaser
My personal advice, if you truly prefer or very intrested in meeting a trans-woman, avoid these types of statments. Be open and honest about your intentions and remember we are human beings with feelings and emotions just like you and any genetic female you have dated.


This video came out this week from Buzz Feed, around the time a 3 year Anniversary of this post popped up on Facebook. It was also the week this post, TMP's most popular, and first to reach 50,000 views. Enjoy this hilarious video, but all jokes aside we trans people do understand many are attracted and want to know who to respect us. This video, along with the don'ts I've mentioned in this post can help cis-gender admirers make better decisions in the future on how to respectfully approach a trans person. Watch the video and ask yourself how you'd feel if someone asked you such question and then if you are one that is constantly getting closed doors when you approach a trans person you may see why.