Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trans Clothing Swap

Sabrina Samone, TMP

The recent death of 17 year old Leelah Alcorn reminds many of us that are visible and able to be who we are, that their are still many at those stages of hiding and longing to be who they are. It is part of Trans coming of age to enter the mall as your new self and shop, many have been through those stages and many more will follow. Our brothers and sisters to the north of us have a created a really great and fast growing website: The Canada Trans Clothing Swap and Exchange on Tumblr.

Recently created, the exchange blog is aimed specifically at the Canadian Trans*. People looking to swap out old clothes, find more discrete ways to buy will find this very helpful as one young Trans Man on the site says, "Hey I’m a 17 yr. old trans male in a house where my mom doesn't accept me,
but I really want/need male clothing like;
Pants (36/3I think)
Sweaters (small)
Shoes (6)
Binder or two (medium/large)

These little moments can be very fragile for a Transitioning minor if they have family or people in their lives that may threaten them if they were to be out publicly in small towns shopping. Also it works as a great way to connect with others in similar  situations.

The site makes it possible to swap and exchange masculine, feminine clothing as well as make up and other accessories sometime unknown to someone new to transitioning. I wanted to signal boost this concept at a time when so many young people and others are continuingly fighting their way out of the darkness to find their Truth. A great idea I'd encourage duplicating throughout Trans* work is beginning to research ways that in the near future to have a TMP market place page to sell Trans related topics and things of interest.

Great work Chase, of the Canada Trans Clothing Swap and Exchange.
For more info follow their links provided

Sample Clothing on Canada Trans Clothing S&E



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