Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A March For Freedom...First Selma...Now Nashville Tenn

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

There's a rage growing in the Trans* worldwide. As a people, we are no longer willing to be silent while we watch sister after brother die from senseless discrimination and hate. For decades Trans people have fought to pass laws in city after city, internationally that condemn hate crimes. While we have a long way to go for protection, there are many ways discrimination shows it's evil face. One is in housing, employment, and health care. In every town and city across this country we as a people are screaming to be heard and the epicenter of that rage, ground zero, is Nashville Tennessee.

Our sister LaSaia Wade of TNTJ, Tennessee Transgender Justice Project, contacted TMP to share with us, the growing intolerance of Transgender people in Nashville Tenn. Tennessee was among the states with the highest names read during last year's TDOR. While many of us in similar sized areas are battling for health care that covers transgender related issues, our people in Nashville are fighting simply to be treated with respect and decency. Just to have fair and friendly health care services is an issue there.
From someone in the health care field I'd be glad to say that one of the basics in nursing is to acknowledge a variety of people's choices, religions and beliefs. To be non-judgmental in administering health care and the Patient Bill of Rights are preached repeatedly to any health care professional. Unfortunately, in too many hospitals nationwide this seems to be a problem when in comes to Transgender people and many other TBLG people, especially those suffering from HIV.

TNTJ is an organization networking to access a better quality of life for Tennessee's Transgender society. On Feb. 22nd 2015, the first of many planned marches throughout Tenn. is scheduled. As the executive director of TNTJ LaSaia Wade says to TMP, "We will march and let our voices be heard, our tears seen. We must finally come together as community in the state of Tennessee and make people accountable for their transphobic actions and unacceptable inequality."

One of many issues facing Tennessee Trans* according to LaSaia Wade when asked by TMP says, "Trans women of color are targets here... being misgendered in the news as well as media downplay everything and because of the added oppression of the LGB community there we are marching. Nashville must be heard."

Before the southern even heats up, TNTJ's marches are demonstrating  the rage of many Tennessee Trans People. TMP stands with TNTJ through them all, lending our voice to the "the trans rage".

Trans Rights March February 22, 2015

Increase visibility for trans individuals.
Let our voices be heard, our tears seen.
Come together as community in the state of Tennessee.
Organizer Meeting
January 21, 2015
Oasis Center
1704 Charlotte Ave, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203
5:30 - 7:30


Tennessee Trans Justice Project (Facebook Link)

TNTJ, Tennessee Transgender Justice Project: We are an organization attempting to shine a light on inequalities suffered by the transgender community, including: barriers to health care, discriminatory hiring practices, violence and assault. We network to create access to trans friendly health care services, find resources for HIV testing, access to safe housing, and advocate for fair hiring.


  • Self-identification, determination and definition: We all have a right to define our lives, experiences and identities and have those truths celebrated
  • Always in love, respect and honor: In order to move forward collectivelywe must acknowledge the contributions all community members
  • Free from judgment: We must recognize that we are all different yet we’re traveling on the same path towards liberation
  • In Spirituality and truth: The foundation of who we are begins with, acknowledging and celebrating our truth
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