Saturday, January 24, 2015

Only 13 U.S. States Allow All Gender Inclusive Restrooms

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

There is not a state in the union that does not have its share of  trans society, and our allies demanding gender inclusive restrooms in American public schools. First, may I add that public schools receive its funding from the taxpaying people of America. According to the 'Williams Institute of Law's 'LGBT Parenting in the United States',  37%  of LGBT as a group, has or had a child in the household. The figures may be half that or even less for Transgender and gender queer individuals who are parents, but there are no stats available at the moment to say either way. Majority of transgender, gender queer and other within the TBGL community are paying the bill for the very groups that are fighting to deny youth that identify as Trans to have the life saving right to use the correct restroom according to their presented gender. Ironically, America's revolution was fought on the basis of 'Taxation Without Representation'. Unfortunately, our tax dollars are accepted even if 38 states don't accept us.

The battle has varied from state to state. In the South last year, Hartsville SC to be exact,  a young Trans teen had been told not to use the female restroom and was forced to use the male restroom...the school has since won and no other changes have taken place to this day.  In Maine, a trans-girl was awarded $75,000 after being denied the female restroom in her state. This was the fist time a state's high court had ruled in favor of trans students using the correct toilets for their gender. It led to the Penobscot County Superior order, which prohibits refusing trans students access to “restrooms that are consistent with their gender identity”. In Kentucky, State Senator C.B. Emory has proposed a bill that would ban trans students from using,  toileting or using a changing room “designated for use by students of the opposite biological sex while students of the opposite biological sex are present or could be present” part creating a 'Gestapo' environment. Also, a school board in Virginia recently voted against Trans student bathrooms.

A petition letter has been created by to stop the bill proposed by Kentucky C.B. Embry. This bill goes even further than last year's Arizona's defeated law. This bill would actually endanger the lives and safety of many Trans-youth. Spread the word...let know one you know realize how dangerous this Senator is. Let's stop Senator C.B. Embry.
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