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Dezjorn Gauthier
TMP's February Role Model

From male model, advocate, a member of the American Bar Association, CEO and founder of the upcoming Trans culture magazine 'Black T', Dezjorn Gauthier is proving that Trans men are more than a handsome face, and chiseled body. Along with those qualities, one can be an outstanding advocate, businessman, and supporter of his community.

With his mid-western work ethics, he has directed that energy towards the advancement and visibility of trans men of color. An advocate on behalf of all Trans people, he has worked diligently to help improve the lives of  Trans men. He has continuously taken on the daunting task, of improving the much needed awareness, and visibility of Trans men of color.

Our warriors of African, Latin, and Asian descent, are far too often placed on the back burner of visibility, even in our own community. It is due to this struggle that he has recently responded to the call of Trans people of color around the world, in creating 'Black T Magazine'. A magazine that is sure to greatly further the much needed representation of  Trans people of color. This fight to level the playing field of representation within our community, and to foster unity among us, is why Dezjorn Gauthier is TMP's Role Model for the month of February.

The 25 year old is a Milwaukee, WI native, and started his transition in April 2014 just shortly after he had appeared in the well known Barneys New York ad campaign. It also featured well known Trans personalities like Laith Ashley, Katie Hill, and Arin Andrews. The ad campaign was in some ways his coming out, as his first work as a Trans man. He first started modeling at the ripe old age of six months old, for top children's brands around the nation, and has won several national titles. He was also, part of the first modeling agency for Transgender people.

While serving as Student Ambassador, he was also being featured internationally in many articles and modeling shoots. In 2016,  Dezjorn was featured in the series 'America in Transition', by Andre Perez. As a model he also earned his degree in Criminology, Law Studies, and Sociology from Marquette University in 2013. He earned his paralegal diploma, and member of the American Bar Association, while attending Washington University School of Law. At his home in Milwaukee, he teaches a high school level law course, allowing students to learn more about the justice system, United States Constitution, and understand policies.
Even while furthering his education, modeling, advocating for Trans men; he has also started his own business, to effectively bring awareness to the transgender community, with special focus on Trans males and Trans men of color; through education, empowerment and inspiration. His business hosts an annual surgery fund, laptop scholarship, FtM essentials donation programs and mentoring. Gauthier, is also the founder of 'The Dorothy J. Carr Fund', and has worked as the V.P.  of  'Point Of Pride'. His latest creation, 'Black T Magazine', is destined to change the landscape among representation  for Trans people of color; show the diversity in our community, unite and inspire young Trans men of color around the world that their lives matter, and are valid.
Additional info on Dezjorn Gautheir, our Role Model of the month of February.
Black T Magazine, is the first African American Trans-culture magazine. It provides business, health, fitness, sports, fashion, music and general TPOC experiences.
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SnapChat: @mr_gauthier
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Neo L. Sandja
TMP's January Role Model

I always believed that it's hypocritical to sit at the table of the world, asking for equality, but unable or willing to give a seat to another. It's true we are all unique people, like any minority group; with different educational backgrounds, interest, religious and political views. As Trans people, we all transition differently and for different reasons. As this new year begins, we realize the work has just begun. Yet, in 2016, we witnessed more visibility of Trans people than ever before and in every aspect of life. There is more visibility of Trans masculinity than ever, but not all Trans men. Trans men of color remain the most unheard part of our community, and not by a lack of trying. There's few stories about Trans men of color, and when there is, their stories are often scrolled passed, not shared, or simply ignored. I feel the visibility of all Trans people is vital to our inclusion in society. Our diversity is key to showing the world we exist, and are everywhere.  It's because of the push to show diversity, and extremely due in part to the visibility of Trans masculinity, that has sped the progress we've witnessed, and part of continuing that progress will now depend on us as a united community. It's time we put Trans men of color (African American, Latino, and Asian), front and center this year, in order to continue the show of diversity in Trans society. That's why every month this year, Transmuseplanet, will feature a Trans man of color that is active and inspiring in our  community as our monthly role models. Our brothers of color have a seat here; will you give them one too?

Neo Sandja is an author, speaker, business consultant and certified life coach. He's the founder of the first international bodybuilding competition for people of Trans experience, and featured on major media outlets like, Al Jazeera America and CNN. His business, FTM Fitness World, along with its affiliated annual conference #transfitCon, focuses on empowering the Trans community in all 5 core areas of their lives: Spirituality, Personal Growth, Fitness/Wellness Health, Finances, and Family/Relationships through the motto 'Fitness for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.'
His book, 'Right Mind, Wrong Body', was written for people who are looking for more happiness, peace, and fulfillment in their journey. Based on the lessons he himself learned through his transition.

He is also the chair of the FTM foundation, which he created to help Trans-identified people with their transitional needs. Partial proceeds of the book 'Right Mind Wrong Body', is going directly into the surgery fun.
Neo considers himself, a spiritual warrior and a transformational trainer. He defines being a spiritual warrior, as someone who knows themselves and conquers their deepest fears, and limitations. Transformational trainer's, are trainers who change people's lives from the inside out, by giving them the tools to create permanent change for success.

As a speaker he is very passionate about business, financial and emotional intelligence, as well as
spirituality and communication.

He migrated to the U.S., from the Republic of Congo in 2004, and began his transition in 2011. His life's mission he states, "Transform people's lives through his writing, speaking engagements, personal life coaching, and mentoring, but most importantly through his personal day to day interactions."
Neo Sandja is an example of the masculine leadership that is leading our community into the future. He, along with countless men, have become more visible over the past few years,  in a weary movement that needed rejuvenation. Yet, he is among those talented Trans men of color whose work often is over shadowed, and goes unnoticed by the majority within our community. Let's stand united, with our brothers, regardless of race, religion or nationality. We share at least one thing, and it is the greatest thing that bonds us all; the desire to live an authentic life against all odds. TMP salutes our brother Neo Sandja for the work he has done and continue to do, that enhances the lives of all Trans people.

TransMusePlanet's Trans Role Model for the Month of April; Our Trans Youth

Over the past few years, we've had the pleasure of watching the emergence of trans youth. Many, myself included, never thought a day would come when open discussions about starting a trans person on hormones or puberty blockers would happen. It has and in a big way.

Many may recall when we first heard or saw the first video of Jazz, a seven year old transgender female at the time, whose parents supported her. Many in trans society applauded the move, while most of cis-gender society were outraged. Those who were not, was Barbara Walters and Oprah. They placed the discussion of youth suffering from gender dysphoria on the dinner tables of America, whether America wanted it for dinner or not.

It was about time, because while suicide among TBGL children has always been excessive, the trans community numbers had grown to 41% of all trans youth having committed suicide. That's nearly half of every youth that suffers from gender dysphoria. Even this year, 2015, when we thought we were making it out of the swamp of hate, we have been slapped with one suicide after the other. Reminding all of us, but more importantly, screaming to mainstream society, to fix itself. A phrase demanded of us all, by 17 year old Leelah Alcorn. A call to action, that we must never falter from answering.

While we will always mourn our young sisters and brothers lost in the fight. This month TMP, would like to celebrate our Trans youth who remain fighting the good fight. Showing the world that their is hope. I'm reminded what I was told at 18, that someone paved the way so that another trans didn't have to be afraid to leave the house. The girl that gained the freedom to leave the house, paved the way so that another could walk the day light streets with her head held high. That girl that walked the day light, made it possible so that I and my peers could work and live freely as our authentic selves.  We must continue the fight, so that the youth of today, may one day start college; just being themselves with no feelings of inadequacy. Together, one day they will pave the way for a 'genderation' of trans people that will live freely in a world that no longer even sees us as day.

So here is to our role models of the month of April; our youth. Trans youth like 13 year old Kayden, Trans Youth activists L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith and Jazz Jennings , 9 year old Ben and many other trans youth standing tall and proud. Also, a special hug to their supportive families and friends.
For those who still feel alone, let these kids remind you, that by reaching out to fellow trans people, support groups, and therapist...that it does get better.

TransMusePlanet's Trans Role Model For the Month of March 2015: LaSaia Wade 

Martius, the moniker for Mars is actually the original term for the month of March in Roman and current calendarsMars, a paramount god of war to the Roman Empire, an empire structured upon many ardent ideas like conquest, heroism, and battle. Fighting for country, kin, and emperor equates to standing resolute to a way of life. Those qualities are among the attributes that has come up amongst many in our society due in part to the recent tragic start to the year. Unfortunately,  it is showing no signs of easing up. If it is not another murder of one of our own we are forced to digest, it is another suicide. States that have come to mind over the past year for outlandish discrimination are Kentucky, Texas, California, Ohio, and Tennessee to name a few.
A sister heard the cry of our people and could no longer sit quietly and wait for someone else to attempt to make a difference. As with the qualities of Mars, she demonstrated heroism. She began the fight for her fellow brothers, sisters. Along with a call upon them and our allies to march, protest, and stand resolute to our way of life. LaSaia Wade, is our heroin and role model for the month of March.    
She is the executive director of the TNTJ Project out of Nashville Tenn., an area with a higher than average discrimination against trans people. TNTJ seeks to improve the lives of Trans Americans by advocating for equal rights and benefits in the workplace. Ensuring that families are treated equally under the law and increased public support among all Americans, through innovative advocacy, education and outreach programs. TNTJ works to secure equal rights for Trans individuals and families at federal and state levels by lobbying elected officials. TNTJ are also, mobilizing grassroots supporters, educating mainstream society, investing strategically to elect fair-minded officials, and partnering with other TBLG organizations.
I chose LaSaia Wade for her activism in our community, as well as being a positive role model of visibility. In a state where many are unfamiliar with any trans person or what it means, she has lead a march for visibility, equality for her people, and Tennessee will never be the same for her heroic acts.
Also more on LaSaia Wade and TNTJ  here @ TMP
A March For Freedom...First Selma...Now Nashville Tenn. & an upcoming March Trans Faces Interview.

TransMusePlanet's Trans Role Model For the Month of February 2015: Meggan Sommerville 
Living in the aftermath of the Leelah Alcorn suicide and being a transgender Christian, I've noticed a lot of anger towards Christians. I've had a transgender roommate who became the spokesperson for Pfox and their transgender conversion therapy and watched it fail. I've also noticed countless trans people writing and telling me how bullied they felt as well by the church. I've watched for years as an old trans girl friend of mine, who sought out Christ, be told not to come back to specific churches. My own fiancé who is trans, has also had a church ostracized him. I know as well, Jesus Christ himself was crucified by organized religion and he too hated it. What's sad as a Christian to see is members of my own community turn their backs and literally hate God for what a man has said  or did to them.  It's easy to blame God for what a specific church or preacher said or did, but not all who follow are of God. That is something my fiancé knows and regardless of what happened, he's still a man of God. It is what my old girl friend knows as she continues relentlessly searching for a welcoming church. I've often myself asked her why and she'd say, "I'm not ever going to let someone take God from me, cause I know what he has done."
Another one of those sisters fighting for the lord is Meggan Sommerville blogger of Trans Girl at the Cross. There Meggan not only chronicles her life as a transgender person, but also as a Christian. There she educates many with in the community about Christ and how a trans person also can love and be loved by God. Since  2012 she's discussed topics like Praying for our Enemies, My Tale of Surviving Bullying, and one of her latest Being Christian and Transgender- feeling caught in the Middle. It is the later that prompted me to signal boost my sister and her work. Among the many things we hear coming out of Trans society,  rare is there a voice like Meggan Sommerville.  This is why after such a great tragedy that she is TMP's choice for trans role model of the month and upcoming Trans Faces interview. Spreading the good news of the lord from a unlikely yet loved girl at the cross.

Also more on Meggan Sommmerville here @ TMP  Trans Faces #12 Meggan Sommerville, A Girl Like Us At The Cross

The recent suicide of Leelah Alcorn has got me more determined to showcase my wonderful trans sisters and brothers who are doing 'the damn thing' and living their Truth in a 'Society that needs to be fixed.' On TMP social media sites I had been posting monthly role models of our community. I will now starting this year post on blog. The next genderation needs to know it gets better and you can have a wonderful life being Trans and be proud to be Trans...that in fact we are the most beautiful special creations on the planet. Embodying the very creation of God's image.
So every month let's celebrate those living openly and proudly cause it's only thru visibility that we are giving hope to the next genderation. It is our responsibility!
Aydian Dowling  is the new face of Trans leadership...the entrepreneur. He started the Point5cc T-Shirt Company as a way to subsidize for surgeries that l...ed into a success clothing line known throughout the Trans* worldwide. He and his wife are examples of the need to be more visible and paying it forward to the next 'genderation', so that their is more hope for those like Leelah, to have hope.

 Also more on Aydian Dowling here @ TMP
TMP Interview with Aydian Dowling  Trans Faces #7 Aydian Dowling ; The Entrepreneur...The New Face of Trans* Leadership
Aydian Dowling as one of the Most Influential People on our TransMusePlanet's annual Top 20 Most Influential Trans-People of 2014 #11

 Is it Beyoncé? It maybe one of the most sought after Beyoncé impersonators, Riley Knox. Beyoncé maybe the hardest working woman in show business but her look a like is the hardest working Trans woman in entertainment. With the release of her calendar; to raise money for disadvantaged Transgender youth in and around D.C., she is proving she's more than a performer, but an advocate for youth growing up in a dysphoric world. She was also named Transmuseplanet's role model for the month of December 2014. She is one woman we will without a doubt be hearing more from in 2015

Riley Knoxx is a Greater D.C. gender illusionist, known as the top Beyoncé impersonator as well as the co-host of web series talk show "We Speak The Talk Show" and an area activist of positive role models within the trans* with the sales of her 2015 calendar going to the area trans youth programs.
Also more on Riley Knoxx here  @ TMP
Riley Knox as one of the Most Influential People on our 'TransMusePlanet's annual Top 20 Most Influential Trans-People of 2014'  #20

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