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Trans Faces #8 Raven Wear; The Wendy Williams of Youtube's Trans Society

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

I often discuss the bloggers that have inspired me. Beyond writing, there's several vloggers that have equally inspired me to add my voice to the revolution. The first, and most powerful, voice was behind the video commentary 'What's is a Tranny Chaser".  Her video about those who hyper-sexualize transgender people hit home for me at a time when I was newly single and back on the dating scene. It inspired me to write my most popular post to date, "Ten things a “trans chaser” says and what it really means…". It quickly became my number one post and remains so to this day with over fifteen thousand views. After hearing her down to earth and real attitude about trans daily issues I quickly referred to her as the Wendy Williams of Trans society. I say this with great respect, as am a major fan of Wendy Williams. Like her, Raven Wear of the Raven Ovah YouTube channel, gives her viewers a no nonsense, cut the B.S. point of view; spiced with hilarious humor, class, amazing style and a genuine car for her sisters and brothers in the Trans*.

She maintains a strong connection with her viewers that is rare among most trans vloggers. An ability to give an atmosphere of education with laughter, she is a force to many in and outside the perimeters of Trans society. I've watched Raven Wear tackle and educate many on topics like; "Promoting Hate in Church", "The Leelah Alcorn Story", "Ridiculing Fox News", "Live in Your Truth and Stop Lying" , advice on hair weaving, and even did an opposite to the video about T chasers in "Good Guys Steps to Approach a Trans Woman.", a few among my personal favorites.
Controversial to some, but necessarily blunt about issues that are real to many within our community, and outside. TMP would like to highlight a voice in our community that is relevant to life issues that many trans women face. A sister who will make you laugh at the troubles some choose to cry over; let's get to know the woman behind the Raven Ovah videos.  
1. TMP:  Raven, what brought you to put your voice out there and what do you hope to achieve with your advice to many trans women?
    RavenWell, I didn't exactly start my videos for the action that took place.  I did it because I was so shocked at how bad men treated me. I was shocked at the fact I was no longer human. I was just sex and nothing more...no feeling just sex. If I complained to men about their behavior, they were like "well you shouldn't look the way you do if you wasn't prepared to just be a sex whore. I was like WOW, I didn't sign up to be no man's whore. I just wanted a man to love me; I love him, let's grow and make this money. Like I did when I was living as a male. I had learned quick, and may I add it took me a while to catch on because I didn't want to believe these men could be so cold. I knew in my heart there was some man out there that wanted love...he didn't show up, but the bad men did. When I say bad, I mean many races from the richest, the powerful, and the poor. I wanted to close my eyes to all the pain I received, but it was not going away. I laid in the bed many nights and just cried. I felt my body just leave from my soul and my breathing became hard to breathe, as I laid on my bed and just died.  I was the kind of person that loves hard, but I learned who cares. I said ok, if this is how it going to play out, I may lose this battle with my heart and men, but I will go out with a big fight, and I will teach every transgender woman  what to look out for, and not to trust the games of the straight man. I was use to gay men not straight, and trust me there's a big difference.  I talked to females and they told me, straight men call females bitches and whores because we bitch about the way they treat us said females, and we are called whores because we make them pay for the pain they cause us. You don't fight a man with your hands, you fight him in his pockets. Men call you out your name for control, and if he feels he can't control you he calls you out your name; then he will leave you looking for the girl he can control. Not all men I took note[sic], as my eyes filled, because I didn't think I was strong enough to be this new person that was so cold, and I went to many women. The message was the same, straight men are hard and they don't want to let anyone know anything that makes them feel soft, meaning dealing with a transgender. Or, they hide it in anger to throw people off. I had to digest all the information, and I said let the games begin. And when I say games, it is not on my part. It is the part of the man that will come shooting games at me, and it is my job to make him pay for his deceiving ways; and teach other girls, some gay guys, and even females to be armored and ready.
2. TMP:  How many videos to date? Do you keep up with them?
    R.W.:  716 Videos and growing.    
3. TMP:   What are some of the things that have changed your view of Trans society since you began vlogging, and how has your audience shaped you as well?
     R.W.:  I was waiting to be backlashed by the Transgenders because I have watched some of them in many chat rooms, and for so many trans women to always want to be accepted, aka passable, and then turn right around and attack other Transgenders so I knew my time will come to be attacked as well. However, it didn't happen. In fact, I was so shocked at the fact so many just wanted someone to help them find out information. What is going on with these men, hormones, trans life. Murders of transpeople, society's treatment, and watch your back was always my answer. You have to bring me something, and I don't mean no disease.  Many trans women just wanted to share their story, etc. I have reached all walks of life, some good attention, some bad, but that is life. If you come to my page with an open heart, and a will to learn, you will. If you come to spread hate I'll just block you. I will not give you that reaction you want to make me mad, nah. I know how the game works. They call me Big Sis, lol. Watching out for my baby sistah or sister's.
4. TMPI believe as a trans woman I also encourage us to be proud and celebrate trans-female beauty and sexuality. Being on that cross roads of a woman owning her own and being public via YouTube, how important do you feel it is to put a voice behind the hyper-sexualized image many cis-gender males have of us?
   R.W.   I find that part amazing. People (Transgender women/men) use pictures to show themselves the stages they have come through in life. In a picture you can see the different levels of change you have received from hormones and surgery, etc. However, cis-gender males add their own caption. We have Victoria Secret, a very marketable company that expresses women in panties and bras. That is accepted and fabulous, but when a Trans Woman does the same thing it is bad. People add their own caption if their mind is dirty. You will see that. If your mind is clean, you will see the art.
5. TMP: The first video I saw of yours was your take on T-chasers. It encouraged me to address the issue as well on TMP. What encouraged you to speak out about those type of men who claim to love trans-women but yet show nothing but disrespect?
      R.W.: I learned that many Trans women are looking for love, and if a "Tranny Chaser" comes along she's thinking her dream is about to start. Finally she will have a man. A good man's purpose is to be the knight in shining armor, to build you up with faith that all men are not that bad, but good one's are out there too. Most are secretly seeking out your other Transgender sisters, looking at their body to see how much work she's had done. She may look better than you, or not. She may even be better in bed; and score if she comes with money. He wants to see how many girls he can have sex with. To me he's just a man period.
6. TMP: How important is the message to younger trans-women to demand the respect from men that they deserve?
     R.W.:  You show a man how to treat you. If you show him you're not about nothing, he will fulfill your dream and treat you like nothing. If you show him, "you are going to treat me like a Queen", meaning NO! sex until the man earns it, he will have more respect for you. Now, he may leave you..lol because men want the power. If he feels you're in too much control he will have no use for you. Not all men. Some men really love their dignity and fight for respect.
7. TMPDuring the Feminist movement of the sixties, it was common to see women attack each other for the exploitation of women. Sadly, we have seen this in the Trans society as well. But how important is it, given our smaller numbers, that we as a community restrain from stoning our Trans sisters for the sake of the sexual appetite of men?
      R.W.: If a person is bad you can't change that, as for me I don't bother. This is not a good question for me because I could care less about a man. Take him, keep him, enjoy him. There's another one coming in the next 5 seconds if a trans girl is that hungry then let her eat from his plate of bulls""t.
8. TMP:  What is your most common and favorite message you like conveying to your audience?
     R.W.:  You have to bring me something, hit them pockets until he shows you he is not like the rest. These men are "straight", not gay men. Some transgender's bring the gay mentality thinking they're gay. Because these straight men do a lot of gay things, even cunt, just hit the pockets. It stops all the bullsh#t, however, I'm a jaded, bitter, bitch. Don't blame me. Blame the men that made me this way; go after them.
9. TMP:  What can we expect from Raven Wear and the Raven Ovah channel this year?
     R.W.:  I never really know what path God will send me down, however I love anyone that is different as the under dog; but not the crazy people, people who will turn that statement into something bad. So many people always look for the bad in people.
10. TMP: : I like to ask, if you could tell the world something about Raven Wear and you knew everyone would listen, what would you like them to know about you?
    Raven WearWe are all spirits. I love to make people laugh. Gay, trans, close your eyes on people who don't accept you. Remove them out your life asap!! Act like the celebrity you are. Surround yourself with people that will protect you and bring you further in life, as you will do the same for them. Don't make people accept you if they don't. That is their problem, not yours. "You're God's Child", not your Earth Parents, but God's child. You go to God for anything and he will carry you through this thing called life. Don't let people tell you "God hates gays". You see their job is to pull you from God (trickery) to destroy you. It is the work of the beast. You can only be destroyed if they pull you from God, so remember "GOD IS LOVE". The main sign of the beast; they use God's name to promote hate. Once you hear the word hate, recognize this is the work of the devil. Leave them quick, they'd rather you kill yourself. I believe we are all reincarnated, that's why little kids know so much so fast and people are like, "how do they know this?" They've been here before. We see faces we've seen before but never met the person, though something tells us we know them. We go places and feel, "Hey! I been here", but never been there. In your past life you were there, you just can't figure it out. I believe when a person is about to die, a woman is giving birth and that spirit travels into the baby. Once the spirit hits the baby, the baby let's out a cry to let you know the new spirit made it. When they baby is still born the spirit didn't make it there in time. We are all different, but in spirit we are all the same. Love people that are different; they all have a message if you just listen. Everyone's here for a reason.
I enjoyed getting to know Raven Wear better. As usual she never fails to make you laugh, contemplate, and reminds us why it's so important to just keep it real.  You may agree, or you may not. You may call her controversial, or you may get it. Regardless how you take it...it is what it is, and what it is, is being REAL!!!
 My All Time Favorite and very wise words!
"With that being said, I'd like to say to all the new people boom, old people bam. I want to thank you for reading and subscribing. I want you to do you. I want you to do you the best way you can. If no body don't like it...fuck em." 
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