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Trans Related Novels
Peninsula of Lies: A True Story of Mysterious Birth and Taboo Love By Edward Ball
                            Peninsula of Lies is a nonfiction mystery, set in haunting locales and peopled with fascinating characters, that unwraps the enigma of a woman named Dawn Langley Simmons, a British writer who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during the 1960s and became the focus of one of the most unusual sexual scandals of the last century.
Born in England sometime before World War II, Dawn Langley Simmons began life as a boy named Gordon Langley Hall. Gordon was the son of servants at Sissinghurst Castle, the estate of Vita Sackville-West, where as a child he met Vita's lover Virginia Woolf. In his twenties, Gordon made his way to New York, where he became an author of society biographies and befriended such grandes dames as the actress Margaret Rutherford and the artist and heiress Isabel Whitney, who left him a small fortune.
The money allowed Gordon to buy a mansion in Charleston and fill it with period furniture, providing a stage for him to entertain more great ladies and to climb the social ladder of the Southern gentry to its heights.

Trans Films & Film Makers

Directed and Produced by Tony Zosherafatain
I am the T: an FTM documentary is a cross-cultural narrative of transmale stories that are unique yet connected through the... common theme of becoming your true self. Told through a lens that portrays each participant's experience subjectively, "I am the T" will showcase FTM stories in a realistic and truthful manner. Filming locations will include Norway, Australia, Lesotho, Canada, Denmark, Thailand, Germany, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. 
I Am The

Point 5cc was established in 2011 to help raise money for owner Aydian Dowling’s top surgery (removal of breast tissue). After the completion of this fundraising event, Aydian decided to keep Point 5cc open as a way to give back to the community that had given so generously to him.
Point 5cc, the first of its kind, is a stealth clothing company designed to highlight transgender commonalities and create a sense of pride. Point5cc developed the first binder exchange program that has been adopted by LGBT centers around the United States. They have most recently began collecting breast Forms and Bras for new donation program for trans women.
Now Collecting Breast Forms and Bras for New Donation Program

Point 5cc is currently collecting all new and lightly-used breast forms, bras that hold breast forms, or other trans feminine prosthetic garments for our new donation program.

Point5cc-Donation-Bras1Point 5cc developed the first binder exchange program that has been adopted by LGBT centers around the United States and has since donated over 350 chest binders to trans* and FTM people in need.

Help us mirror that success with our new initiative.

Donate your breast forms, bras that hold breast forms, or similar prosthetic garments to Point 5cc today and we will donate them to trans* and MTF people in need. To donate, use our Contact form or email Thanks for your support and generosity!

Right now we are currently collecting as many garments as we can, and more details about how you can obtain your free breast forms will be shared shortly.

An upcoming list of Friends we are in collaboration with, along with links to Trans Resources, organizations, Trans related busineses and links to magazines, bloggers and social media groups TMP support.
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