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Trans World News 1-12-15

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

From a dismal beginning of the week to a reminder never to forget. That would best sum up this past week on the trans planet. A week ago nearly every trans from Springfield Arkansas to Tokyo Japan had heard of the tragic suicide of Leelah Alcorn. Then as if we hadn't been traumatized enough, we all watched from one social network site to the next of cowardly bigots screaming hateful, sinful epitaphs through the keyboard. Many so called "normal" civilized human beings and wannbe Christians showed the truest meaning of evil as they made jokes and blamed the innocence of a child who was plagued by the very same self hate that they had instilled in her, thus ending her life.  It was as if Satan himself would lie to someone, promising them a much better life only tormenting them once they had fell for the lie. These so called Christians showed me that demons do exist in our time, but they are disguised, hiding behind a book they do not follow.

Unfortunately for the them, one of the youngest tragedies we know of so far this year left a command to her peers louder than a thousand years of oppression have..."Fix society now!"  What has happened over a week is no short of a true message from God. Nearly every corner of Trans society international grew into a rage. A rage that is not easily being dismissed and refused to be forgotten by the very announcement of yet another Trans themed television show being awarded to Golden Globe awards. It should also be noted that the serie's, 'Transparent' s, Associate producers are both Trans. As if that wasn't the single highlight of the moment for our society, the speech of the show's creator would prove we were to be treated with much more respect. Executive producer Jill Soloway, whose own parent came out to her as a trans woman, dedicated the win to Leelah Alcorn and the countless transgender people who have committed suicide.

Though it is wise to take the moments of great achievement and celebrate amongst ourselves we must not forget we are at war. At war for our right to be a human being and treated with basic human rights; as Monica Roberts reported in the Transgriot in her post that was a call to African American community and others to face the facts that black Trans women exists. Lavern Cox of the hit show 'Orange is the New Black', last year's Hollywood award nominee, was ridiculed by Flo Anthony; an outdated, overrated promoter of the "Uncle Tom" ideals, and a stereotypically loud, obnoxious African American woman. The irrelevant Flo Anthony resurfaced the mentality of so many biological women who refuse out of envy or fear, the legitimacy of trans women identity. As Mrs. Roberts so eloquently stated; it's far time that white privileged trans-women who discriminate against their own sisters, along with African-America women who discriminate against their trans sisters of color, will and need to realize that the best thing they can do is "deal with it"...trans women of color are here and only getting started.

With all the highs and lows of Trans North America this week it would be Russia that would take the cake, and shame even the most shameful, as usual. The same country that has ignited an all out war against Gay and Lesbians last year has went so far as listing Transgender as a sex disorder. Obviously they were not one of the 1100 people to read my post "Defining who we are part IV: A message to Cis-gender people, Transgender is not sexuality" , maybe they should. Sadly, for the million of Transgender people this is little comfort because due to this new listing they have been deemed unfit to drive. Yes you heard it right, first we are listed as having a sex disorder, then told because of the sex disorder we are unfit to drive.
Yet another example of those with the greatest sins standing behind words to hide their own inequity. Yet they give child-like explanations such as the need to tighten medical control of drivers due to an increase in road accidents. Being transgender is now listed along side fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pathological gambling, and compulsive stealing and is now comparable to other conditions deemed unfit to drive.

So, overlooking the usual morons this week what were some of the great moments alongside the Golden Globe awards? Well I was very pleased to see the launch of a new campaign #BornPerfect and I'm happy to see it was created by the NCLR; the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Their goal is to end conversion therapy on young LGBT minors within five years and should be top of our charitable list this year.

Recently in the mother land of Trans, Thailand, they have begun the world's first Transgender modeling agency.  The Bangkok-based Apple Modeling Agency announced the division on Tuesday (11 November) and has 18 transgender girls on its books. Apple is one of the leading and largest modeling agencies in the southeast Asian country.

Brothers and sisters, as in many previous weeks, we have cried, grown angry, and again as always we see our people rise from the ashes of hate like a sphinx in the night. We remember the dead, celebrate those who conquered obstacles, celebrate those changing the world, and push to continue the fight.
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