Monday, October 14, 2013

Trans Faces #4 A Step into Teko's World

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

If you think your day is full, try being Teko Davis.  An androgynous actor/actress bringing gender queer to the big screen. A model with a message, a motivational speaker and mentor to inner city youth. As well as one of the new Radio personalities on the hit blogtalkradio network Back2us Radio, co-hosting hir own talked about show, Teko's Corner: With Texas Director of Black Transmen Inc. and Transmuseplanet Face book Admin, Tye West.

As an androgynous actor/actress and model, Teko has had much success but will tell you, she's just getting started.Teko began hir career in commercial modeling with Xstudcee modeling and was recently featured as the June 2013 Centerfold stud of the month.

Teko's versatility as an androgynous actor and model has allowed hir to transition seamlessly from print photography to theater where she recently starred as Mickey (the pimp), Talitha and Katrice in the play 'Walk Like A Man'

Teko, is not your typical actor/model, she holds a bachelors in Psychology and works with inner city youth. Showing them that positive role models exist in the gender queer community. She lives by the motto "When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal. You do knot change your decision to get there." Great advice indeed.

So who is Teko really and why should you want to hear what she has to say on Teko's Corner? Because she is the voice of a proud out gender queer African-American giving back to the community and needs our support.

As gender queer, I wanted to respect Teko's self identity. She informed me that she identifies as a very butch lesbian and is OK with the pronoun, she. I also enjoyed getting to know this new exciting and determined friend. Now is your chance to step into Teko's World.

1.   TMP: TeKo, you are so busy. Of your many talents; acting, writing, modeling and speaking, which is your greatest passion?

 Teko: My passions are all of them because it’s a way to touch someone and change their life. My passion and purpose is to help a person grow in a positive way. Each opportunity places me in the presents of people. Where I can mentor, uplift and motivate someone.

 2. TMP: You are also an At-risk youth mentor. What inspired you to make a difference in the lives of so many youth?

 Teko: Today our youth are at place where they need positive role models. I lost my mother at the age of 19. She passed away from complications from the pregnancy of my brother. I had to then go into parent mood at the age of 19 to take care of my three younger brothers. I did not turn to drugs etc. I keep pushing through my struggle and made something positive of myself. Yes it took me longer than 4 years to get my Psychology degree but I did it. So I always let the kids that I mentor if I can make it you can to. No matter what your life situation is.

 3.   TMP: What is the climate of the acceptance of the Transgender and gender queer community in the Detroit area compared to where you are now in Austin Texas?

 Teko: There is such a difference.  Austin there are more support groups and acceptance. There are more hate crimes in Detroit against the Transgender community. The mindset is not as open there. Austin you can be who you are and people don’t care. Austin Motto is keeping Austin weird.

 4. TMP: Tell us about your lead role in the Movie, ‘A Better Life’, and what are your goals as an androgynous actor?

 Teko: My Role is an aggressive lesbian that has a girlfriend. I sell drugs to take care of her and our 4 kids. My character wants to give them a better life and get out the hood. That never happens because some trouble happens; you have to watch the movie to find out…… lol. I want to make it to a major movie role in Hollywood. My goals as an androgynous actor; I want to be an androgynous actor in all communities not just the gay community and I will be one day.

 5. TMP: How has your immediate circle been in accepting who you are and what are some of your positive experiences?

 Teko: My circle is with people who are only positive and uplifting. I only keep people around me that are positive.

       6.  TMP: In your opinion what are some of the greatest obstacles you feel needs to be addressed within the African-American community to make the lives of their Trans family and friends better?

 Teko: MORE support!  We need to stick together more. SUPPORT! Stops being so close minded. The African-American community needs to think how it feels to be called the N” word and the struggle we face each day with racism. So why take someone else through this type of pain?

 7. TMP: You’ve recently launched your blog talk radio show, Teko’s Corner on Back2US radio. What are your goals with the show to enhance Trans and gender queer visibility?

 Teko: Resource, educate and a platform for a person to have to share any type of life experience and talk about topics that no one else will.

 8.TMP: Could you tell us more about the Back2us radio network and why the Trans/gender queer community should support it in your opinion.

 Teko: Back2Us radio network HOSTS are a platform of many different people from all walks of life. We are family within our network and support each other and support the community. We support our Trans community; we just launch Transgender Thursday on Back2us Radio network to give our Transgender Community a place to be heard.

 9. TMP: What are some things we can look forward to that will be coming out of Teko’s world in the coming year?

 Teko: My Book, the start of my Nonprofit, more acting roles, modeling and changing more lives by uplifting the community.

 10. TMP: If you had one chance to tell the world and knew everyone would hear you at once, what would you like them to know about Teko Davis?

 Teko: I am here on earth for one purpose and that is to be the change in the World. I am here to uplift and help those in need. I may be only be one person but my heart is as those of 1000’s. I have my own T-shirt that I am selling for $20 called I AM TEKO to help homeless kids in my community. Half of the proceeds go to the things they need. UNTIL I STOP BREATHING “I WILL BE THAT CHANGE IN THE WORLD”. I AM TEKO” THE BRAND OF POSTIVE CHANGE FOR THE COMMUITY!
If you'd like to follow and learn more about Teko, check out these sites to stay in the know of Teko's World.
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