Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How a Trans-girl lost 40lbs of Trans-fat in weeks

By Sabrina Samone
I have a dear gay friend who once enjoyed the benefits of being a twink when we were younger. Flash forward ten years and he found himself swell to nearly three hundred pounds. Part genetics, part bad habits that encircled our entire group, I could never understand why this once vibrant social, bar hopping friend would find only comfort at home watching a black and white film.
In high school, I stood 5’9, 140 lbs with a 27 in waist and 34 hips. I was told often by Cis-gender female friends that all I needed was breast and I’d be complete. I wanted to drop to my knees and beg them to tell me the secret location of my missing breast. As I began hrt, estrogen was a dear friend as I watched my body soften my already natural curves and skin, but she became my best friend when I fed her as much as she demanded. My first dress at 22 was a size 8, flash forward several years later and I had peaked at a size 16. I also had begun to feel the pains of my fellow lgbt friend, he may have been the G and I the T, but F for fat is not a letter in LGBT that is allowed. So I too, stopped appearing at LGBT social gatherings and Sunday nights with ABC’s ‘Once upon A Time’, became my new ironic drinking buddy.
After seeing pictures of myself in Charleston’s Gay Pride, where I broke down and cried, I knew I had to do something. Luckily a reader of Transmuseplanet had recently contacted me and we had begun discussing weight loss. He was far but offered me online personal training through his personal training business, Olympian bodies. Slowly I began appreciating taking the time to eat breakfast, something I hadn’t done in years. Eating more protein, fewer carbohydrates and most importantly began to not fear that as a trans-woman that weight lighting does not have to be my worst enemy to my femininity. Over the summer, the weight loss was slow but steady, I am still half way to my goal of my size eight I enjoyed once upon a time, but the results are impressive. My curves are back, my bottom again desired everywhere I go, breast firm and those bat wings that started to appear have disappeared. I’ve lost nearly 40 lbs in two months, dropped three inches off my waist and now feel a rebirth is possible.
What I appreciated the most about the staff at Olympian bodies was that they understood what hormones do and have done. They knew how to address these new problem areas of fat I had not been concerned about in my previous life. Most importantly to me, they calmed my fears that any type of weight lifting would undo years of softness the estrogen had acquired. They understood because a couple of the staff themselves are Trans.
Olympian Bodies are the perfect solution for me, as a transperson personally. They believe that everyone has the potential to achieve the level of fitness they desire. They supported me and continue to guide me to my fitness goals. It was easy to talk to someone online and rates were reasonable for my transgender budget. There slogan was what caught my attention“One step at a time, we are here to get you there!” Also knowing I was dealing with other transgender people, I felt comfortable discussing all my health concerns and fears.
I know everyone knows of a personal trainer, and half the LGBT community is probably one themselves, but for those like me that had fears and apprehension getting help, having people so understanding to who I was meant the world and help Mrs. Sabrina Samone get her self confidence back, and that’s one thing you can’t get a prescription for, lol.
To learn more about them or contact them or just follow their health tips on twitter until you feel comfortable check out these ways of staying in touch.
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