Friday, April 18, 2014

No due Process for Trans Teen

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

I was under the impression America equaled freedom...oops I'm sorry that's not the case if your Trans. This week a 16 year old Trans girl was sent to an adult prison without even being charged with a crime. The minor in question has spent the last eight days in an adult prison, locked up alone for 22 hours of every day. Her tragic story did not start there; she spent the last 11 years of  her 16 years of life in the Connecticut Department of Children and families after being rescued from an abusive home. It was after reaching the age of 16 that the Connecticut Agency decided they could no longer care for her and placed her in a worse environment; an all male adult prison.

In court documents filed earlier this week, Doe provides some background on her life so far.
"I was placed in DCF custody because my father was incarcerated and my mother was using heroin, crack, alcohol, and possibly other drugs," her statement reads. "While in DCF custody, I have suffered immensely. I feel that DCF has failed to protect me from harm, and I am now thrown into prison because they have refused to help me."

The youth details an horrific existence within the state agency that included being raped, assaulted, and forced to perform sex on state employees within the DCF, only to be handed back briefly to the original abuser, her mother, at the age of 15.

The mature 16 year old said that she was willing to cooperate with authorities in order to receive the proper care she was entitled to as a ward of the state saying,   "I don't think being placed in isolation or in a male facility would be in my best interest or prepare me to re-enter the community. I need to be given treatment and services specific to my needs. I need to deal with the trauma I've experienced in my life. This prison cannot do that for me. I am willing to cooperate fully with those people who are willing to help me fully."

Doe's placement in the adult prison stemmed from an incident in January where she allegedly injured a DCF staff member during a physical altercation. Probably trying to defend herself from further abuse.

Supporters of Doe have begun an online campaign urging Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy to evaluate the situation and intervene, using the Twitter hashtag #RethinkMalloy

This story is sadly yet another example of a Transgender persons mistreatment within state correctional facilities. Also, even more sadly, the plight of Transgender youth in American Society.
Not only have state officials placed a minor in eminent danger but failed to rehabilitate or treat her medical condition of Dyshoria. Even with a misinformed belief that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, which was taken off the list of mental disorders by DSM or a growing rational belief that dysphoria is a medical condition, the state of Connecticut failed yet another minor within their care.

So who are the abusers here really? The youth's mother? The state of Connecticut? The DCF? Our Society?

All the above!

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