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August book of the month: An Awaited Reckoning; the Solstice Moon Series

A review by Sabrina Samone, TMP
My review of An awaited Reckoning; The Solstice Moon Series by Jade Olivia Braddock and Cyril Alfred Blake

If anyone would ask me my top choices in books and films,  there's a ninety percent chance it would be sci-fi; with mythical creatures galore. I’ve long believed that a book or film should take you to another dimension. I have yet to understand this nations fascination with reality TV, of course I can get suckered in one or two a season myself, but let’s be real; If I want reality TV I’ll film my friends, family, co-workers and my own life for that, and trust me I don’t care to see any of that drama or read about it. Since old Hollywood and TV have seemed to be forgotten in the pile of reality muck, I’ll do the next best thing and read a book.

After reading a couple of  the Game of Thrones series, I found myself at a lost for my before sleep read until I found an email from Authors Jade Olivia Braddock and Cyril Alfred Blake; trans-female and trans-male authors with a twist on an old sci-fi tale. I saw where they had given me a free copy to read, clicked the link and though I’m more of the vampire genre, I was fascinated by this tale of werewolves. It may have been that I had just finished Game of Thrones, but this was like Game of Thrones meets Practical Magic meets the underworld with a little True Blood drama thrown in, so I found myself glued to the pages.

Excerpt from Amazon review
An Awaited reckoning; the solstice moon series, is the story of the death of Devon Andrews, and her rebirth into a world she never asked for.  On the night of the winter solstice: a lunar eclipse, a prophecy and a world of war and leadership emerges. A once forgotten ancient culture and a dynasty under the guidance of the last of the druids, a war between two families, one given gifts by the Gods the other created through dark magic, both with their own secrets and agendas. Her old life ripped away, a new destiny is created. You will follow Devon and her journey into this one of a kind story of history, magic, and werewolves. The Solstice Moon Series has taken a classic supernatural genre beloved by its fans and given it a world that no one has seen before.

Devon to me, comes across as an androgynous tomboy with a rare amount of street smarts. She’s been around you can feel and you never know exactly what her next move will be. This book is filled with LGBT supernatural characters and makes this series an easy read for any lgbt supernatural lovers like me, who can now have characters they can relate too, unlike Twilight and True blood.

The setting is in the cold climate of Canada, perfect for fur loving supernatural creatures. When it comes to sci-fi films or books, the first five minutes I either love it or hate it, rarely is there an in between. This book caused me to stay up insisting I not put it down causing me to be late for work the next morning but that is how the characters and this book catches you off guard.

So if you can’t wait until October like me to feel spooked and a chill up your spin and looking for a good read with a trans flare but done in a way that could stand up to any Game of Thrones or Harry Potter novel, then the solstice moon series is for you. The next in the series has already been titled, ‘The Hunted Rogue” and I can’t wait for this. Jade Olivia Braddock and Cyril Alfred Blake did an excellent job at showing Trans-authors that have something to say other than about just being Trans and this sci-fi novel is guaranteed to leave your mouth hanging. My only regret is it took me so long to since they contacted me, to finally read it, a major kudos to this one; TMP give five stars here.

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