Friday, February 13, 2015

A Pictorial Celebration of Transgender Relationships

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

One thing parents and loved ones of transgender people may fear is; will my child find love and happiness. The answer...most definitely yes, and the variations of love expressed in trans society is as fluid as gender itself is. As I've mentioned on TMP before, Transgender is not sexuality. Being Transgender is strictly about the gender one's brain operates on, therefore many transgender people have a varied array of ways to express their individual sexuality.  We are heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, poly, asexual etc., just as cis-gender people are.

We've put together just a few of the pictures of our friends, and many that follow us on social media. Many emailed in their stories and pictures per request. We take this time to let the pictures of love, speak for themselves; of the happiness that is possible living your truth visibly and proud. A pictorial celebration of the various expressions of love that is part of trans society, no categories, no labels, just love, and the joy that is possible speaking for itself. Let's introduce some of the most exciting, talked about, and admired trans couples in our society.
TMP would like to take this time to wish all our friends, and readers a Happy Valentines day.


Daniel Scott and Felice Lamya Allen
Daniel told TMP, that he never set out to make a statement and hopefully our post can help other trans attracted men to see the beauty in ALL women (not just biological but trans as well.)

Lee Anne and Cindy
Married for 17 years

                                                  Nick and Bianca Bowser

Brad and Kiley Love
2014 Pride Cruise

Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst

                                              Venus and Anthony of the UK

                                             Janet Mock and Aaron Tredwell

Nancy and Amy Garboti
32 years married

                                    MiaTanya Bininfia and Connie Curran
22 years together

DeeDee Casto and Michelle Ashley Waters

Olympia Perez and Sasha Alexander

Octavia Y. Lewis, MPA and Shawn E. Lopez

 Andy Marra and Drew Shives

Ian Michael and Racquel Marie Anderson
3 years of marriage

Dean and Elizabeth

Max Barker and Annie

London Montana and Altone

Aydian and Jenilee Dowling of

Wyatt and Jayy

Jamie Eagle & Louis Davies of the U.K. 

Alexis & Karen of Argentina

Ethan Shattuck and Suzi Sherman
6 years together

Sittichai Suafug and Ben Rotjutakul of Thailand

Alex and Caroline
Photo by Angela McConnell

Jenna and Giovanni Carlo

Damien Knyht and Sara Mauser

 AiYanna and Jamie
Who are appearing in a new reality show about trans women, set in Kansas City on Discovery Channel "New Girls On The Block"

Simaya Charlize-Theresa Turner and Tierre Turner

Matt and Nico = Mico

I say that Nico sums up what it means to be transgender and happily in love when he said to TMP;

"Me and my (feminine) genderfluid partner (left) and me (right). I'm transgender and we're in love. 2 years together have seen a lot of changes and challenges but we've prevailed. We've even started to look for another person to add to our relationship. (we're both polyamorous). I can't believe how lucky I am to have my Matt. Together our love will prevail."

There it is, the proof, if only a sample of how many transgender people have shown the world that we can be happy and live healthy fulfilling lives. These are just a few of our friends on social media, readers of TMP and popular couples, and they represent only a tiny fraction of the joy so many around the world have found. For many viewing this pictorial, it may mean little or of little  significance, but there are millions of transgender people beginning their journey along with concerned family and friends, who maybe concerned about if my transgender friend, my transgender child or will I, ever have a chance at true love and happiness. Well here is TMP's pictorial celebration that love is beautifully alive and thriving in Trans Society.


Defining who we are part IV: A message to Cis-gender people, Transgender is not sexuality

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