Sunday, February 1, 2015

TransMusePlanet's Trans Role Model For the Month of February 2015: Meggan Sommerville

abrina Samone, TMP

Living in the aftermath of the Leelah Alcorn suicide and being a transgender Christian, I've noticed a lot of anger towards Christians. I've had a transgender roommate who became the spokesperson for Pfox and their transgender conversion therapy and watched it fail. I've also noticed countless trans people writing and telling me how bullied they felt as well by the church. I've watched for years as an old trans girl friend of mine, who sought out Christ, be told not to come back to specific churches. My own fiancé who is trans, has also had a church ostracized him. I know as well, Jesus Christ himself was crucified by organized religion and he too hated it. What's sad as a Christian to see is members of my own community turn their backs and literally hate God for what a man has said  or did to them.  It's easy to blame God for what a specific church or preacher said or did, but not all who follow are of God. That is something my fiancé knows and regardless of what happened, he's still a man of God. It is what my old girl friend knows as she continues relentlessly searching for a welcoming church. I've often myself asked her why and she'd say, "I'm not ever going to let someone take God from me, cause I know what he has done."

Another one of those sisters fighting for the lord is Meggan Sommerville blogger of Trans Girl at the Cross. There Meggan not only chronicles her life as a transgender person, but also as a Christian. There she educates many with in the community about Christ and how a trans person also can love and be loved by God. Since  2012 she's discussed topics like Praying for our Enemies, My Tale of Surviving Bullying, and one of her latest Being Christian and Transgender- feeling caught in the Middle. It is the later that prompted me to signal boost my sister and her work. Among the many things we hear coming out of Trans society,  rare is there a voice like Meggan Sommerville.  This is why after such a great tragedy that she is TMP's choice for trans role model of the month and upcoming Trans Faces interview. Spreading the good news of the lord from a unlikely yet loved girl at the cross.

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