Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trans World News 2-22-15

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Death, death, and more death seems to be the recurring theme in trans news this week. Like previous weeks we have had a mix of great news only to be reminded of the horrors trans society faces with yet more murders and suicides.

We were horrified again in a new way when a parent of a transgender child was murdered. Golec, a gender queer was reportedly stabbed to death by their father Kevin Golec on Feburary 13th. The father even lied to the police, attempting to lead them in the direction of the local trans support group young Golec attended, by insisting that a cult had murdered their child.

Golec has joined the infamous list of the dead that has been to hard for most to even keep up with. Several bloggers have literally dedicated their time just to inform everyone of the recent deaths and up to date outcomes. Many are expressing growing depression within our society during a time that no trans person can log on social networks without reading of yet another death in our community.

February 15, 2015Kristina Gomez Reinwald, 46, West Miami, FL – Murdered for unknown reason – Suspect(s) still on the loose

February 14, 2015Bri Golec, 22, Akron, OH – Murdered by father – suspect caught

February 10, 2015Penny Proud, 21, New Orleans, LA – Murdered by stranger – suspect(s) on the loose

February 1, 2015Taja Gabrielle DeJesus, 33, San Fransico, CA – Stabbed to death – suspect(s) on the loose

January 31, 2015Yazmin Vash Payne, 33, Los Ageless, CA – Murdered by boyfriend, suspect caught

January 26, 2015 Tyra (Ty) Underwood, 24, Tyler, TX – Murdered by boyfriend, suspect caught

January 17, 2015Lamia Beard, 30, Norfolk, VA – Murdered possibly by stranger, suspect(s) on the loose

January 12, 2015Ms. Edwards, 23, Louisville, KY – Murdered possibly by stranger, suspect caught

Sadly I am hear to report that even this list is already outdated, as we have even more names to add to the list. Last Sunday, a 15-year-old transgender teen named Zander Mahaffey committed suicide — but not before composing a heart-wrenching note explaining their decision to do so on his Tumblr.

It does get better and this week several high profile trans people demonstrated that very fact. The biggest this past week was very own Aydian Dowling who is appearing in an upcoming April issue of FTM Magazine. Publisher Robert Ballard, wanted to recreate the iconic image of Adam Levine's pose for Cosmopolitan Magazine four years ago. The result; the trans male physique going mainstream.

Former US Navy Seal, Kristin Beck, who became a trans society national role model after coming out and releasing her memoirs,
has announced that she's running in the Maryland primaries to unseat U.S. Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer, the longest-serving Maryland representative and House Minority Whip.
According to The Hill, Beck filed the appropriate paperwork Monday, which now shows up on the Board of Elections website for Maryland. Beck was part of SEAL Team 6, the Navy's elite counter-terrorism unit, and retired in 2011 after a 20-year career. Now, Beck says she's ready to serve her country elsewhere by starting out in the Democratic primary for the House.
"For the last two or three years, I have been watching Congress very closely, and the reality is that the whole process has broken down and our representatives have simply dug in their heels," Beck told The Huffington Post. And while Beck is a fan of House Minority Whip Rep. Hoyer, she's stated publicly that it's time for future generations to step up and take the baton.
Last year, Beck was set to run for the House in Florida, but ended up changing her mind. She moved to Maryland instead, where her mother is located. For now, Beck's campaign website is still incomplete, and her campaign is run by volunteers, as she hasn't yet filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, meaning she can't yet raise any funds, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Seem we as a society have our work cut out for us in the coming weeks to raise campaign funds for our future congress woman.
Unfortunately Lavern Cox has had to reschedule her upcoming UAB speech for later this fall, stay in touch with Lavern Cox for the rescheduled date.
Here @ TMP,  I am glad to invite you to the new TMP Forum  , where you will be able to post topics, pictures of your transition, answer other topics, and get the conversation going to unite our society. Also every weekend TMP will add a trans themed film, documentary or tv series on TMP's new TMP Movie Pick page.  Starting this week with the first guest blog post on TMP's new Guest Blog Page. The new Guest Blog page is where in the next couple of weeks TMP has teamed up with several other Trans entities to kick off a Spring Forward To Unity Campaign, coming in March.
Seeing one of our idols Jenny Boyland, brings to mind how far we as a society have come in ten years, but with the number of murders and suicides we are reminded of the work that is yet to come. Unity is the key for our community and as you will see on TMP in the coming months, I hope TMP will become a symbol of the possibilities Unity can bring.
Stay strong...Stay blessed....Stay Trantasically Fabulous.



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