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Trans Faces #15 Rihanna Nicole...A woman that not only survives, she thrives!

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

We as humans have an innate capacity to survive, and even thrive in the face of adversity. As a society of people with dual souls and the stigma forced onto us by mainstream society, we often lose site of our strength to survive. Least we forget, being trans is an ultimate act of survival.

Rhianna Nicole is one sister who knows all too well about survival, but despite the obstacles of life and being trans, she is overcoming those obstacles even in the most Illiberal places like Alabama.

While we debate, and encourage Hollywood on a national level to be more inclined to consider trans actors for transgender characters, we must be weary of boxing ourselves into such a small category. We as trans society would achieve greater achievements encouraging the entertainment industry to be more open to casting transgender actors period, for any role.

That is exactly what Rhianna has done for conservative Alabama. Instead of waiting for an attractive transgender character, she opted to follow her dreams period; and audition for a local improve comedy traveling troupe. The result, a constant reminder that as a people we have the capacity to survive and thrive in the face of a magnitude of adversity. A comedian, she will also be the host of the upcoming, and highly anticipated Trans Hip Hop Fashion Exhibit. An event designed to encourage the talents of transgender people to not be limited to what is expected but to truly let their talent's shine.

Before the show gets underway, TMP caught up with the host of the Trans Hip Hop Fashion Event for an up close and personal interview with our sister Rhianna Nicole. Now, it's time for TMP readers to know a survivor that thrives.

1.   TMP:  You've often say that talent has no gender. Elaborate on that for our TMP readers.

Rihanna Nicole: What I mean't by that is that talent comes from talented people. Key word being people. I want the world of entertainment to know that we as a trans community are here and are as equally talented as the rest of the world. We deserve a chance to showcase our talent and be recognized as human beings; Talent has no gender...So, if it's entertaining, its entertainment! We will and should be able to showcase our talents on the same scale as anyone in the cis gender community.

2.  TMP: You will be hosting the upcoming Trans Entertainment Hip Hop Fashion exhibit. What can viewers look forward to in the event extravaganza?

R.N.: The Trans-Entertainment Hip Hop Fashion Event will showcase transgender people with exceptional talent. It will highlight beauty, music, and fashion talents of extraordinary individuals. Showing the world that transgender people are equally gifted as their peers.
The show will exhibit up and coming fashion designs, worn by some of the most exotic, attractive, trans-men, and women models in the world. The event will premiere multiple trans-gender hip hop artists who will perform original tracks written themselves.

3.  TMP:  In a recent video, you explained who Ri Ri is; addressing sexual abuse in your life. How important is it to our trans society that we begin having open discussions about sexual abuse, and mental illness, that affects so many in our community?

R.N.:  Sexual abuse is a plight faced by many adolescents whom identify as transgender. This is a topic that should be openly discussed throughout the community. By telling my story, I feel that it could impact the lives of so many other young people whom could be facing the exact, similar situation that I was.
I view mental illness as a direct link to sexual abuse. Many young people become emotionally unstable upon repeated sexual assaults, and grow to distrust other's in society. By telling my story, and how I have risen from it, I feel that individuals who are in similar situations, or have experienced this can hope to one day release the pain and suffering; and embrace who they were created to be.

4.  TMP: You recently auditioned for a non-trans role in a play. How important is it that trans-people be considered for non-trans roles, in your opinion?

R.N.: I believe that beauty and talent has no gender. Trans-men and women deserve to be treated as equals in the audition room. I feel that auditions such as mine will empower Tran’s people, and encourage self-confidence. I am very confident in my talent, and I hope through my advocacy that other transgender people will realize the potential they possess to succeed in life. Its very important for us to try out for non Tran’s roles. It lets people know we are here.

5.  TMP:  What can we do to promote unity within trans society?

R.N.: The digital age has led to the interconnectivity of society, and also has increased the divisions of social groups. Transgender men and women are seen on social media tearing each other down or demeaning others whom are forced into less desirable career paths.

As Transgender people, we must all realize how the mainstream world views our lifestyle, and seek to build each other up; versus tearing each other down. I have the sincerest goal that through my involvement with Trans Entertainment Network, we will build a platform that will allow the trans-community to grow increasingly unified towards its goals of world-wide social acceptance. Individuals are entitled to their opinion, but increasing awareness towards the plight of our transgender brother's and sister's will allow others to focus on ways to help, versus looking for ways to tear each other down. I look forward to improving the unification of the trans-community in the years to come.

6.  TMP: What are the many shows that will take place for the first annual, Trans Hip-Hop Fashion exhibit?

R.N. : Musical talents will be provided by Bella B Cash, Nikki Andro, Mzz Amirra O, BDot Zillenger,  Danyelle D’Shaie and SteezoDaChamp, just to name a few.
Designs showcased by Avaianna, Alexis Lovee and Garrick Mack, and a host of beautiful transgender models from all over the map.

7.   TMP:  Who are the players involved, and where can the community go to find out more about this event?

R.N.:  The show is being put on by Trans Entertainment Network.  Stan Lucas, Teke Staley, Janet V. Richard, and your's truly, Rihanna Nicole. Our goal is to show the world that transgender people are as equally talented as anyone else, and provide avenues for themselves in mainstream entertainment.
The community can find out more about this via social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Radio advertising by Zabrina and Dj Doseville on Be100 of Atlanta. TEN will be in the studio March 5th from 4-8 pm on air, and streaming live on Special thanks to DebAntney, owner of B100 for the opportunity.

8.   TMP: You've been described as a comedian, how much of that is true, and is that what we can expect from Ri Ri on stage during the Trans Hip-Hop Event?

R.N.:  I am a multi-talented person. Comedy is one of my many talents. Hopefully, the night of the event will come across to the audience. But my main objective is to ensure everyone is having a great time.

9.  TMP: How important is Christianity in your life?

R.N. : I believe that it is important for people to have core values, or some-what of a spirit guide. I just don’t identify as Christian. I do have a strong personal relationship with God. You have to have a foundation...if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. I’m a firm believer in Karma...what you put out in life is what you will get back...I’m very respectful of the right to have your own religious belief. I don’t discredit any religious denominations. I don’t just identify as Christian.

10. TMP: I like to ask, if you could tell the world something about Rihanna Nicole, and you knew everyone would listen, what would you like them to know about you?

R.N. : I love helping others, before my path to entertainment took shape, I was in school for nursing, and a licensed CNA. Making a difference in the lives of other people brought lots of joy; and now through my entertainment career, I can make a positive impact on the lives of millions while advocating for Transwomen and men all across the globe.

More often than not in life, opportunities aren't given. They require us to take a leap of faith, and jump for what we believe in and desire from life. In this time of turmoil, within trans society, we must remember how strong of a survivor we as a people are. Rhianna Nicole is living proof that we can not wait for society to tell us we are ok, we can not wait for the lgb community to get to us, we can't wait for the entertainment industry to make room for us. We create our society, we as with any human on earth, must take that leap of faith to live our truest self.

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