Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another sister gone!

By Sabrina Samone, TMP           

After what seems to be a year, worldwide, of violence against transgender women, yet another sister’s life has been claimed. On Wednesday July 17th, police received a call from a woman who claimed that her boyfriend had killed someone. Charles Sargent, 44, is accused of murdering the victim after he claims, that he was angered by finding out that the victim was a transgender woman. He allegedly used a hatchet and screwdriver to kill the victim, who because of the amount of disfigurement, has yet to be identified.

The woman who called in the incident said she did so because Sargent threatened to harm her and her children if she told anyone. She also told police that Sargent brought a body wrapped in bed sheets and then once again threatened to kill her. She went on to say he later grabbed plastic bags to wrap body parts and that he had told her it was someone he had “relations” with. He allegedly was found with an axe in his possession. Once in custody, Sargent confessed to the murder. He also has a criminal record and has been charged with rape and aggravated assault in the past.
Sargent is charged with murder, possession of an instrument of crime, abuse of a corpse and making terroristic threats.  Investigators say police recovered a six-inch pocket knife as well, from the home Sargent shared with his girlfriend on the 2100 block of North 32nd Street, in Philadelphia. Investigators searched the vacant lot on Sedgley and York where they found William’s body parts. Sargent’s current girlfriend is currently staying with her mother. She says that the home she shared with him “smells like death” and that she likely won’t return.

It’s obvious the defense is already in progress to claim some type of temporary insanity due to him finding out the person was female, due to the statements the murderer has made, but he is also on record of stating to the caller he has had relations already with the victim. This is an obvious outright attempt to appeal to the prejudices of many against transgender people.

This year, we in the Transgender community have had to be witnesses to an alarming amount of hate crimes against the Transgender Community, with little or no coverage from Transphobic Heterosexual media. If any coverage has been given to past victims, their gender identity has been outright disrespected and ridiculed by many in the media like the Cleveland Ohio papers and Fox News, playing into many in the general public’s bigotries.

It’s time we demand and hold all those in media responsible by calling in to our local stations, newspapers and national outlets and ask them, why aren’t the lives of Transgender people as important to you, aren’t you much of the cause of the murder of hundreds of Transgender people this year alone as much as the murderer’s themselves.

Let’s pray that a rapist don’t get off the hook because he was inconvenienced during his assault on someone by finding out that his rape victim was a transgender female. Transgender people are not responsible for his behavior.

This is a  video of Philadelphia coverage of the arrest.

UPDATE 7-22-2013
A speak out and vigil will be held for the now named,  Diamond Williams, the transgender woman brutally killed and mutilated in Philadelphia. GALAEI and MAZZONI CENTER are hosting the Speak out and Vigil July 23 from 5:30-6:30pm with representatives from Trans-health Information Program. Speaking, will be several leading Transgender leaders in the area. For more information go to

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