Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Charleston SC is actually shocked they were named snobbiest city?

By Sabrina Samone, TMP
After living nearly ten years now in the low country of South Carolina, I’m use to the constant mentioning of Charleston being voted year after a year as the friendliest city. I’m always a little bewildered how this can be as I’m constantly nearly ran off the road by a road ragger going sixty miles per hour down a typical road with a 45mph speed limit, nearly daily. If you live here, hearing of Charleston’s national friendliest listings is something you can’t escape. It usually makes front page news every year and if you don’t read the paper don’t worry you’ll hear about it for the next few days on the local news. The Holy City, as it’s ironically nicknamed, is tickled pink to let the public know every single top ten listing they’ve made, which is weekly. I suppose its normal for a mid-size metro area just shy of a million to gloat on any recognition it receives but the most recent listing has them shocked?

Travel and Leisure Magazine recently named Charleston, SC the tenth snobbiest city according to the Post and Courier, which also polled its readers on what they think; 35% said yes it was most definitely snobby and 40% said maybe a little bit. The famous Mayor, or (king) of nearly four decades seemed a little ticked and in the article stated that, “The normal understanding and definition of that word does not fit Charleston. Charleston is the most gracious and least snobby city I’ve ever been in.” Said Mayor Joe Riley, who is a Democrat, so paint me hypocritical but I’ll never say anything negative about him here, lol. But this is also like the Queen of England saying that Queen Silvia of Sweden isn’t a snob, it just doesn’t go over quite as convincing.
Travel + Leisure's snobbiest cities

1. San Francisco
2. New York City
3. Boston
4. Minneapolis/St. Paul

5. (Tie) Santa Fe, N.M.  /  Seattle

7. Chicago
8. Providence, R.I.

9. Washington, D.C.

10. Charleston
Travel + Leisure magazine

This was also the same Mayor that denied the TBGL people a chance at having Charleston Gay Pride, downtown. Locally we don’t say we are going to Charleston, we just say going downtown, our smaller version of Manhattan. Fortunately the Mayor of North Charleston came to the rescue and invited the Pride celebrations in his city, our version of Queens, or at its worse, our Tonnelle Ave. of Jersey City, NJ (but the truely better city). After four years of having a local Pride March in North Charleston, it has grown and become quite lucrative. Since money speaks the red carpet was rolled out to the TBGL community who are more than grateful to walk the runways of “their Manhattan”, giving the gracious host of North Charleston their newly gold platted asses to kiss. Accused of being a snob? Oh no, never.

The comments on the news and in papers made for some humorous reading when I returned home this week, but the snobby listing has already been forgotten this week as news of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriquez (A-Rod), who is recovering from a recent hip surgery is set to wear a Charleston River Dogs uniform and play for our minor league team, at “The Joe”, The Joe Riley Park, yes named after Charleston’s long lasting and accomplished Mayor Joe Riley. It being Alex Rodriquez it’s a must I be there tonight, so my tickets are in hand, not that I'm a big baseball fan but OMG look at the man and especially since they serve wine, cheese and with an Italian Chef on site, but we’ll be having dinner before the game at Slightly North of Broad or “S.N.O.B” as it’s locally called.
                                                         A-Rod, playing with the River Dogs tonight
And don’t worry too much about the ego of Charleston, SC, we’re back on top already as the cover on today’s paper read; “Charleston is No. 1 city in U.S., No. 7 in the World”.  Well they (“ain’t”) lying, it is the best area anywhere, but does that make us snobs down here? You damn right it does and proud of it!!!

Charleston Pride week starts Aug. 1 thru Aug. 4th, for more info click here for Charleston Pride Festival

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