Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HRC, please practice what you preach

Sabrina Samone, TMP

After often standing in the way of Transgender inclusive bills and after the scandal at the marriage equality rally in Washington DC this year where an HRC member forced a Transgender person from waving the Trans flag, the HRC has the nerve to criticize the Obama administration.  The Human Rights Campaign is the nation’s largest LGB rights groups. Yes I intentionally left off T, because as far as I’m concerned, they already have. This week spokesperson Michael Cole-Schwartz, said of Obama “it is quite disappointing”, referring to there being no openly LGBT Americans among Obama’s cabinet.
“While the Cabinet is full of staunch allies, there is no reason why qualified LGBT Americans willing to serve their country should be overlooked, especially in a day and age when LGBT people are an integral part of the fabric of our nation as everyone from doctors to teachers to professional basketball stars”, Cole-Schwartz said to the Washington Blade.

This heavily cis-gendered, trans-excluding, Republican log cabin group that still carries the title of Human Rights Campaign is fully aware such a nomination would be historic because no openly LGBT person has ever before been named or served as a Cabinet member. This same group now criticizing for lack of inclusion in Obama’s administration is also the same one that’s had to publicly apologize for how they recently treated members of the Trans community.  GLAAD has gone on record this year to apologize for their lack of past exclusion of the Trans Community and have done great things so far to be more open and welcoming to our community as well as lend a hand in our fight for equality.  HRC is still tip toeing around Transgender issues.
I say we, as Trans people, contact the HRC , tell them to add more representation of Transgender People and also contact the Obama administration and ask for no support for HRC recommendations until they practice what they preach.

Despite the lack of openly LGBT Cabinet members, Obama is known for making more openly LGBT appointees than any other President in History. Any attempt to defame him of this accomplishment is driven by white cis-gender privileged, Republican log cabin wannabes that are intent on contributing to the Republican agenda of dividing the growingly powerful LGBT vote.

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