Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The joke is on us....again

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

The biggest loser in the first congressional district race Tuesday, was the people of South Carolina's integrity. For decades the big fat toad of hypocrisy, racism and anti anything that's not cis-gender, heterosexual, Anglo-Saxon privileged, is croaking louder on his lily white puritan pad, than ever before.

In 2009, Republican lawmakers were the first in line to ostracize Mark Sanford, even mentioning impeachment for his highly profiled adultery. In 2013, they inadvertently set up his second act. Sanford entered this race with more baggage than a gypsy ex-call girl with a million dollars in jewelry, living on NYC's Upper East Side. He still sailed to victory without a flinch. The bottom line maybe, hypocrisy and marital infeditly just don't matter in SC if you say what the followers want to hear.

After the 2010 census, SC gained an extra seat in Congress due  in part mainly, by the population growth of its south eastern coastal cities. The Republican controlled legislature redrew the state’s congressional districts, extracting even more democrats from the first, once carried by Democrat Jim Clyburn. This gerrymandering was noticed nationwide, pre Obama 2012. Though Obama would go on to re-election, today we have a casualty. As suspected the tightest leg of the race was in Charleston County where Sanford won by only 750 votes. But the county that was the main part of the gerrymandering, Dorchester County, gave him an easy path to victory, as expected.

We can ponder what went wrong. Could the Colbert-Busch team done more? What if ex-wife Jenny Sanford, had endorsed Colbert-Busch? What if her famous brother had done more to aid her campaign? What if we had urged every LGBT, African-American, Hispanic and female voter, to actually get out and vote? Those that are most affected negatively, by a Sanford win. How you may ask? Sanford has never shied away from his beliefs that homosexuality is against what the bible states. During his time in office as Congressman and Governor, he was the most outspoken opponent, in SC, of any inclusive legislation on gay issues and he has stated his position has not changed. Given the fact he has committed adultery doesn’t mean he may be so forgiving now, in fact he will be even more inclined to appease the evangelical base to earn their forgiveness and support for future elections. Let's not forget, Sanford has always had his eye on the White House. With South Carolina's current pro LGBT bill, The Workplace Fairness Act, this could affect it. The bill is in the state house and Sanford, yes is going to Washington, but if you think he will not be putting in his two cents your living in a world with rose colored glasses. Only time will tell.

What we do know, is for a moment we were about to be rid of the Sanford shame. He said before the votes were counted Tuesday that if he lost this race, he wouldn't run for office again. We could have been so lucky, instead Thursday we will watch as a Congressman we just re-elected back in office after a national scandal, face a judge at a hearing in a trespassing charge his ex-wife filed during his campaign and this my friends is good old boy politics in the south. Where the big fat hypocritical toad croaks at everyone’s sins and his is always protected, pampered and overlooked by his good old boy toad friends.

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