Monday, November 23, 2015

Friends of TMP's Choice for Most Influential Trans People of 2015

       By Sabrina Samone, TMP

It's almost that time again TMP readers. Our 4th Annual Top 20 Most Influential Trans People of 2015. Three years ago on Nov. 18 when I started this blog, one of the first few post was a top 20 Influential Trans People list. That post and last year's second annual list remains the most popular on this blog.

This year's list, we have formulated a list of nominees from the countless post, tweets, and comments by our readers here and on the various social media pages. As well, as on, our new online social network for our friends of TMP. Now it's your time to cast the vote and help us this year make the final top 20 list.

The nominees were selected by their mentions in post throughout TMP, and chosen for their commitment to excellence in their chosen fields, and to the overall visibility and empowerment of Transgender society. Some of the criteria for making the list:
1. Being leaders in their field
2.The ability to inspire our community, and allies
3 Being positive role models
4. Exemplifying the purpose and beliefs TMP stands for: 'The celebration of the Duality and Unity of being Trans.'

Cast up to five votes for those you feel best represented these qualities, or has inspired you.

Cast your vote ABOVE for five of the most Influential Trans People of 2015


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