Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today I was Given The Key to The Abyss

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Today I was given the keys to the abyss.

What is this thing the prophets speak of,
the dreaded darkness that's destined to be?
The great whore, evil, that will ride her bucks with immaculate fornication.

The truth is worse than the fiction.
It's the unicorn with no horn pointing to a golden destiny.
A mermaid too numb and blind, to realize she hasn't been transcending dimensions, only roaming aimlessly.
It's a muse no longer a believer in the hope of music,
a fairy unable to wave a wand of faith.

Today I was given the key to the abyss.
It isn't the final countdown I was told would be.
The truth is much worse than the fairy tale.

It's a little boy forever unwanted or chosen to play.
A little girl whose innocence has been lost to the ideal divinity of a father.
The in between, plagued by the fearful knowing of being everything, forever in between...with no escape.

Yes, it's when an open heart, full of human love, magical hope, and divine faith, enters the blackness of nothing. Not an evil, or wicked type of blackness, but simply a void of anything.
Yes today I was given the keys to the abyss, and it's so much worse than the scripture claimed it would be.

It's the awakening of an abyss in me, but it's the nothingness, that somehow I knew and feared one day would be.
Void of hope, faith, and magic, I see a void in the world and me.
That key named regret,
so now it will always be.

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