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This was originally posted on my website blog, December 2012, and was the most viewed and facebook liked post yet. So I wanted to share it hear as well and so if you'd like to familiarize yourself with these outstanding visible transgender people in the community speaking for all of us, you'll be glad you did.  They are not only succeeding in their chosen fields but have decided to live their lives openly and visible as trans people in order to end stereotypes and promote transgender issues

1. Janet Mock is a writer, speaker and advocate in New York City. She served as a staff editor for, covering pop culture and Entertainment. She publicly shared her teenage transition in a video testimony for Marie Claire Magazine, for the It gets better project. She founded and runs the digital campaign, Girls like us and author of Fish food: A memoir due for publication in 2014.

  1. Balian Buschbaum is consider one of the top ten most handsome men who were born Female according to This German athlete was born female and won several pole vaulting championships including the Olympics during the 2000 summer Olympics in Australia.

  1. Stacie Laughton is the first openly transgender elected to the house of representatives. She was elected to office in November 2012 and serves the 31st district of New Hamphshire.

  1. Eden Lane is the only known open transgender female broadcast journalist. She is the host of Colorado’s public television’s “In Focus with Eden Lane”. A weekly interview program highlighting the arts and culture.

  1. Martine RothBlatt,Phd first four decades of life was spent as a man where he earned law and business degrees. He founded and created three satellite companies, one being Sirus satellite radio. He also married and had four kids and in 1992 underwent sex reassignment surgery and went from Martin to Martine.

  1. Andrea James is a writer, director and producer. Her works include Laundromat, middle sexes, casting perls and was the documentary voice coach for Felicity Huffman in Transamerica.

7. Anna Grodzka became Polands first transgender elected to Parliament in 2011.

  1. Laura Jane Grace born Thomas James Gabel in 1980, is the lead singer of popular punk rock band Against me. Click here for a video from Against me with Laura leading., or see below

  1. Our Lady J is among one of the most discussed transgender people on our list. An America soulful rock singer, whose known for her visionary gospel styling, powerhouse pianist skills and unforgettable live shows. With an industry anticipated release of her next album in 2013 and her rumored relationship with Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe, a romantic link that will not be confirmed nor denied by the actor. It seems 2013 we all, will be hearing more of miss Our Lady JClick here for video of song by Our Lady J, or see below
Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong maybe better known to readers as Andy South, the finalist on the fashion maker reality show Project Runway. Afrter leaving the show Andy South began living his life as Nong and continues working in the fashion industry.

And still we are even more blessed in the trans community for the work and the impact of the honorably mentioned transgender brothers and sister who have also made their impact felt in 2012.
Lana Wachowski: (film maker)
Chaz Bono :(Author of “Transition” How I became a man.”)
Lucas Silveira: Canadian pop vocalist
Lea T: Brazilian supermodel
Kim Coco Iwamoto:, United states highest elected transgender official Hawaii state board of Education
Jeena Talackova:, booted Canadian Miss Universe 2012
Kate Bornstein:, Author latest novel 2012,”A queer and pleasant danger”
Buck Angel: FTM porn star and winner of AVN award
Chris Tina Bruce: first competing transgender bodybuilder
Ian Harvie: first male transgender Comedian


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