Sunday, June 30, 2013

Know what is going on your face

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Many of us use make up, women as well as many men that go for that metro-sexual look with a touch of bronzer, semi-glossy lips and occasionally a dab of mascara for those long lashes on men that women find irresistible. More and more, as everything we use as consumers, the trend is moving to natural, organic ingredients. The makeup industry has had a glaring light shine on it for the past decade, with animal testing and harmful ingredients in cosmetics. The David Suzuki Foundation, a sort of environmental group, has listed a ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemicals to avoid.

1.       BHA and BHT used mainly in moisturizers and makeup as preservatives.

2.       Coal tar dyes: p-phenylendediamine and colors listed as “CI” followed by a five digit number

3.       DEA-related ingredients used in creamy and foaming products.

4.       Dibutyl phthalate

5.       Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives

6.       Parabens

7.       Parfum or fragrances

8.       PEG compounds

9.       Petrolatum (Petroleum based products)

10.   Siloxanes

11.   Sodium laureth sulfate

12.   Triclosan

Well that’s a lot to remember when shopping for makeup, but a growing trend in our society over the past few years is to use and concentrate on all things natural. From house hold cleaners, the water we drink the food we eat and why not start thinking more about the makeup we use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not fully regulate safety of either the US or foreign made cosmetic products, so it looks like we have to all do our own little investigation, but why bother? Because most cosmetics carry Lead, mercury, dangerous minerals that are still not fully understood what they can do to us with continued use on our faces. There’s speculation that some cosmetics may actually cause you to age faster, cause skin cancer and here is one I found interesting for we trans-girls; Triclosan is a compound commonly found in anti-bacterial products such as soap, lotions and toothpaste. The FDA is presently reviewing animal research that supports potentially harmful effects of triclosan, including altering hormone levels in the body.
I’ve had some good moments in my life where someone has asked “what do you use on your skin, you have the clearest complexion?” I use very little products on my skin other than Mac Cosmetics and Ultra Glow skin moisturizers. After meeting a 78 year old woman of color who had zero, I mean zero wrinkles, not even lines around her eyes, which had been using Ultra Glow since she was thirteen. The same age I was when I started, so my faith of having no wrinkles is all on the shoulders of the Ultra Glow line,lol. I started when I was a teenager with playing around with my own concoctions, so much so that my step-father would tease me that my face one day will fall off,lol. From an early age I followed the natural ingredients used by the Egyptians, who were experts on preserving the body. Virgin olive oil is not only a good use for taking off makeup, but a great moisturizer; it protects the skin, hydrates and is full of antioxidants.  Beeswax, rose water, aloe and lanolin in their natural forms are also great to use on your skin. My grandmother taught me how to apply the enzyme from the Aloe plant when I was just a little “girl”, not only is it great for soothing burns, rashes and mosquito bites, but it’s great to soften the skin if used as a moisturizer. An exfoliate that I use is the insides, and mainly the juice of a grapefruit, along with a couple of cups of sugar, lemon juice, a half of teaspoon of coffee grains and a dash of olive oil. You simply mix it all up in a bowl then scoop out a handful, place on your face and scrub in a circular motion around your face and neck. The grapefruit and coffe grains are great anti-oxidants and the lemon juice tightens the skin. Once you rinse you’ll see the results immediately, as its strips away dead skin, removed any excess makeup and dirt, leaving your skin soft and smooth and ready for some olive oil and my favorite ultra glow as a moisturizer. I live by this regiment so fiercely that I’ve even thought of bottling it and selling once, but unfortunately hadn’t found away yet for the ingredients not to go bad after a week.

Model Isis King getting "done"

There are many things you can try other than most overpriced organic ingredients found right in your local grocery store. There are many women and trans-women that prefer not to wear makeup, I’m not and never will be one of them, I love to glam it up occasionally. If you’re like me but want to find more natural products here is a great list of mineral makeup brands you may not have heard of and there is always good old faithful MAC you can find at your local mall. Making use of all natural makeup is the finest option for those who actually desire to stay clear of any unnecessary dangers on one’s skin and overall wellbeing, but look fabulous just the same.
If you have any all natural beauty secrets please leave a comment and share your choices.

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