Thursday, March 7, 2013

The worst kind of hate is when its from one of our own

Female impersonator accused in North Charleston gun incident

Originally posted at March, 7 2013

According to the PostandCourier newspaper of Charleston South Carolina, Thursday March 7, 2013 a man identified by papers as a transvestites committed a crime against other transvestites. No where does it imply that they were transgender, but even as transvestites it saddens me and is troubling to see crimes against your fellow comrades that, as you, already face tremendous dangers with others willing to take our lives. This is a prime example of what not to become, a menance to your own people.

I will add, and notice what the article states, that during the entire process North Charleston, SC police referred to the accused as a woman.  Even though many will disaggree, I and the LGBT community should raise a hand to the compassion of the North Charleston SC police department for handling it, well above what many of us would even require. 

So at least there is one ounce of good news, MAJOR KUDOS TO THE NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA POLICE DEPARTMENT, for goinng WELL and beyond the call of duty. A shining example to cities all over  the US, on how to handle with compassion, even in the most difficult times.

An argument between a man and a group of transvestites landed one female impersonator in jail, accused of pointing a revolver and threatening to fire, North Charleston police said.
Darnell Hawkins, 19, of South 5th Street in Hartsville, was charged with unlawful carrying of a firearm and pointing a firearm, jail records show.

Police referred to Hawkins as a woman throughout an incident report.
Officers were dispatched to Quality Inn at 7415 Northside Drive shortly after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday concerning a woman waving a gun and threatening to shoot someone.
Hawkins threw a revolver into a trash can and ran at the sight of officers, police said.
A man at the scene told police he came to the hotel to pick up an iPad from a friend named “Nico,” but that he ended up getting into an argument with Hawkins and a group of transvestites who walked out of that person’s hotel room.
The argument stemmed from money the man owed Hawkins for a car, according to the report.
Hawkins pulled out a loaded revolver, waved it in the air and threatened to shoot the man and the car, police said.
The man told police he walked away and called 911.
Hawkins was held at the Charleston County jail on Thursday pending a $100,000 bail.
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