Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Run girl Run!!!!

Subway customer alleged assault caught on video

I don’t support crime.  If you’ve committed a crime then you should be brave enough to do the time. But I can see someone acting out simply because they have had enough. I feel fortunate in that I haven’t had any messy altercations, don’t mean I’m not saying I haven’t had my share of some girl, cis-girl, roll her eyes at me at the counter or that silly smirk we sometimes get from backwoods trained customer service people.  Some I’ve known in Charleston has had a few more serious moments of near confrontation at a customer service person refusing to call them by the pro-noun of their presented gender.  We aren’t talking either about a few girls that don’t look anywhere near the gender they have represented. These are girls that would be considered beautiful yet some worker wants everyone in line to know this is a man standing before them.  Another prime example of the Jerry Springer age that most cis people feel they are an audience member when confronted with the presence of a Trans-girl.

Well one girl in North Charleston had her limit today at a local subway. “Supposedly” the trans-girl in question wanted the menu read to her and the clerk refused.  That simple act supposedly set her off to vandalize the store. Well of course I wasn’t there, but there are always two sides of the story and being Trans and knowing North Charleston customer service at fast food, especially those in the ghetto, how Tran’s people are received.  During the interview the clerk is more than happy to let you know, yes it was a man dressed as a woman.  So easily and proudly I could just see her having somewhat of an attitude which more than likely was the reason the Trans-girl was set off. Obviously we can’t confirm that, only the other party has another story but she’s not telling because she’s on the run.  Seems police are now after this transgender woman and she’s expected to be charged with assault third degree and vandalism.  I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one, even considering seeing what reception I receive if I went in with a pleasant attitude, because I smell a rat.


Defining who we are pt. 2: Being Transgender after the Jerry Springer Effect
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