Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Domestic Violence Call Results in the Killing of Transgender Man By Police

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

A Trans man in  Sharon, Pennsylvania, was shot by police Friday night, after officer responded to a domestic violence call.

Sean Hake, 23, was killed in the home where he lived. Police has released few details except to confirm that the shooting was officer involved, and that the officer who shot Hake has been placed on administrative leave, until the investigation is complete.

The police did not say what role, or any that Hake may have had in the domestic assault that the officers responded too. Sean had been previously arrested for violating an order as recently as March 2016, according to the local news outlet, WKBN.

"He had a genuinely good heart, and he had struggled with his problems, but he always made sure that he was there for other people," said a friend.

Early media reports had mis-gendered Sean Hake, but a friend came forward to confirm to the news station that the victim was a transgender man.

Sadly, one of his last post on his Facebook page read, "This has been such a great fuckin day. First with the consult in 2 weeks, and now I just got a call from a very excited April telling me she got called to get her green sheet tomorrow. She's coming home!
God has blessed me something fierce today."

Hake is the third transgender person reported killed in the United States so far in 2017. Even though the motive that led to the death of Sean Hake has not been determined by SLED, he remains a trans person killed.

Mesa Caldwell became the first known transgender person killed this year in Mississippi. Only days later, the murder of 28 year old, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, from Sioux Falls SD, would follow. Our community has been heightened by the fear of bigotry following the election of Trump, and the record year of deaths in 2016.


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