Friday, April 22, 2016

Help Me Escape and Be Safe: A Cry For Help

By Sabrina Anna Samone

Relationships don't come easy. Often as a trans person, we long for that one person that we can connect with, understand us with out question, and that soul mate that will never leave us as so many may have throughout our transition. This can often make the trans person just a little more susceptible to abusive relationships. We often crave, and worry that no one will love us for who we are. This more than often leads us to find ourselves in unhealthy situations.

Often our community is plagued with drug addiction, mental issues, and other baggage that we bring into promising relationships. Domestic violence is more than physical. Abuse comes in many many forms. Verbal and  hurtful words, are not only able to hurt anyone, but can be detrimental to a trans
person. Words that cut at our self worth can easily damage an already unhealthy self image of ourselves. Whether the abuser is male, female, trans or both trans, both are damaged, and remain so for years to come. Abuse, be it verbal, mental or physical, is a growing concern in the often stigmatized TBGL community. It's even a more a growing issue in the trans world, be it from a Cis partner or a Trans partner.

Nearly on a daily basis, I'm asked, through TMP to help someone. Sometimes locally here in Charleston, SC as in the case of the local creator of our area's first transgender support group, or globally. In, Dear Trans Family...Will You Still Love Me When I'm No Longer Young and Beautiful?, I asked our TMP community to support a local legend in the trans community, and the response was overwhelming. We far exceeded our goal, and I'm happy to say Olivia is doing well now and in a safe place.

This year, I'm asking our community for  your continued support for a trans male friend I've known for nearly a year now. After assuming he found the soul mate of his life, he encountered major neglect, a partner with major drug addiction, and who left him near homeless and broke, only to fall in the arms of her drug pusher.

Will you please read his story, and find it in your hearts to help, or share this post so someone else can help .

Thank you with all my heart on behalf of Ira (safe name),
Sabrina Anna Samone

To help our Brother, click the picture link to his Go Fund Me Page
Ira's Go Fund Me


From the beginning of our relationship with my ex, who is also trans, had always convinced me that we were soul mates. She proposed to me and said that she wanted to spend the rest of our lives through good times and bad. Promises to have babies with me and that she will take care of us, and build a home together, so I moved in. She told me to trust her, and I did. One day, that began to change everything, she came to me crying that she was behind on a car bill, and that she will have to go back to prostituting again to get the money. She was crying and describing how horrible that is,and how she would do anything to avoid that. She said that if I loaned her the money she will pay me back within two pay checks. So to save who I believed was the love of my life, I gave her all of my savings. She knew that by taking my money that I was left completely vulnerable, and broke. One night, I found out that she was still having a relationship with her ex behind my back, and upon further investigation I later discovered that he was never really an ex because since they had never broken up. At first I thought that she was talking to him out of fear because he was extremely abusive to her; a drug addict that had gotten her addicted too. He often threatened to physically harm her, me, and our baby. He had ALREADY abused and beaten her for being with me. My first thought was to try and talk to him. Convince him to back off, stop calling her, and to stop showing up at our place. I knew that he would get angry, and do what he did last time; show up and try to beat her and me up. I was not going to risk that because I was pregnant and I would never do anything that would risk hurting or losing the baby. So instead of confronting him, I confronted her. The next thing I know she kicks me out of the apartment, blocks my number and blocks me from all other social media and then runs away to be with her ex so I won’t be able to find or reach her. Her ex is a guy who knows how to hide. He’s an ex gang member, and spent 10 years in jail for attempted murder, so he knows how to hide, and stalk someone. Without hesitation, she never checked up on me, deleted all the evidences of us ever being together, and without even an ounce of caring about our baby, her own flesh and blood. She abandoned me and our baby. I was devastated, and hurt. I felt cheated, used, alone, and betrayed. And all of that stress, devastation, and the emotional strain that I had to suffer took a huge toll on me. She threw me out without her paying me back, knowing that I had no money. That I had to find somewhere else to live, and that I don’t even have enough money to feed myself. She did not care if I had enough food for nutrition for her own baby, her own flesh and blood. Since she is now back with her ex, both using drugs and needing money, I am scared for my life that they will come after me, especially after her ex graphically described how he wants to hurt me. She knows where I am currently staying at and has showed up here before. I believe that I am in danger and must move to a new location. I’m asking for donations to help me move ASAP and for food. I need to find a new safe place where I can sleep and not worry about every sound that I hear outside my window. Also, I’m asking for donations so I can feed myself, because until recently, I had friends sending me food packages but to do to their finical situation they are no longer able to help me. Thank you for all of your support, every dollar will make a huge difference.


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