Sunday, April 5, 2015

TMP's Spring4Unity Contest Winner is...

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Congratulations to Rudy Mills of Nevada

Part of my mission through my musings with TMP, is to promote Unity. Unity, across the board of trans society. For various reasons many in our society stand at odds with one another...this is sad. A  transphobic bigot , does not walk into a room and choose to hate either men or women, black or white, rich or poor, or care what your sexual orientation is. They simply hate and discriminate against you because you are transgender...period. Why then, must we continue to segregate ourselves and aid in their hateful efforts. If they can stand united in their hate, why is it so hard that we can not stand together in our common struggle.

This year, TMP partnered with other trans friends, to promote unity. Many were for and against the collaboration. Yet, another sign that unity among trans society is an issue that needs to be addressed. TMP's spring4unity had few submissions, but all excellent ones. Through TMP, I collaborated with, and the film I Am The T. For this first year contest, they were specifically chosen to bridge the gap between the sexes in trans society. To demonstrate that a site that is ran by a trans-female of color was more than willing and knowledgeable to assist in the visibility of all trans men. From the countless thankful emails from trans men around the world, I feel it was a success. Many who thought this was just another blog site dedicated to trans female issues, saw that their issues were valid here and respected. and the film I Am The T, were chosen because they, like TMP, wanted to show respect for the issues facing trans women. That is how you start a dialogue of Unity.

One who understood that and sent a submission was Rudy Mills of Nevada. The winner of the Spring4Unity Contest. Rudy is a proud trans man, who states he has felt more connected to the community during this process. Again, another win for Unity. Rudy will be receiving a 50 dollar gift card to trans friendly Target, a clothing item from Point5cc, first look at the first segment of the film I Am The T, and two free downloads from DJ Soul Manifest.

To read Rudy's Guest Post in full, visit TMP Guest Blog Page.


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