Sunday, March 8, 2015

Point5cc's New Breast Form and Bra Donation Program

By Sabrina Samone, TMP
There's many reason transitioning can be hard. One way is on the pocket, especially in those beginning days. While we often think of transitioning as just taking the hormones E, or T, our wardrobes also must transition. This is why the first year of transitioning seems to be the most stressful time. After starting hormones that affect emotions, coming out to friends, and families. We also look to transition of our everyday items, we often take for granted years later. I remember a friend who just could not bring herself to walk into a store and purchase a bra, so I went with her. We, who have been living our truth for some time, often take for granted those around us that are just starting, and a world that seems larger than the universe to them.

It's why donations for items like bras and binders for those in our society, is so important. There are many reasons why someone may need help in attaining these items, not to even mention financial reasons, that can aid in the overall positive well being of someone suffering from gender dysphoria. There are many answering the call of giving back, but none as popular at doing so than
Their FTM Binder giveaways and donations have now been imitated throughout the community. There has always with Point5cc, been an effort to do the same for the female populations of trans society. Now they have introduced MTF Breast form or bra donations.


Point 5cc is currently collecting all new and lightly-used breast forms, bras that hold breast forms, or other trans feminine prosthetic garments for our new donation program.

Point5cc-Donation-Bras1Point 5cc developed the first binder exchange program that has been adopted by LGBT centers around the United States and has since donated over 350 chest binders to trans* and FTM people in need.

Help us mirror that success with our new initiative.

Donate your breast forms, bras that hold breast forms, or similar prosthetic garments to Point 5cc today and we will donate them to trans* and MTF people in need. To donate, use our Contact form or email Thanks for your support and generosity!

Right now we are currently collecting as many garments as we can, and more details about how you can obtain your free breast forms will be shared shortly. Stay tuned.
Can’t donate but want to support? Tell all your friends and spread the word!

It is an honor to be collaborating with such a giving and supportive transgender business, that has gone far and beyond the call of duty, in their support of Trans Women and Men. Aydian and Jenliee Dowling are amazing inspirational heroes in our community. They're mission to give back to the community has inspired so many, including TMP. Together we have created a campaign to promote unity within trans society. Spring Forward To Unity campaign; #spring4unity contest. A blog/vlog contest on your individual ways of promoting unity within our trans society. Between March 8th and March 20th 2015,  We are asking our community to submit a blog/vlog on your personal views of Unity within our society. If you think we can do more as a community to be united. If you have an opinion about unity in trans society or what you do personally, to promote unity within our community.

The winning blog will receive a 50$ gift card from TMP to Target, a clothing item from, be one of the first to view the first segment of the film "I Am The T" and 3 free downloads of the music from DJ Soul Manifest.
To enter submit your post to In two weeks 10 finalist will be judged by Aydian Dowling of Point5cc, Tony Zosherafatin and Dj Soul Mainifest and I. The 10 Finalist will be posted on TMP's Guest blog and the winner will be posted as well on and the website of 'I Am The T".




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