Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thank You Friends of TMP for 100,000 Reads

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Certain milestones, we take  a second to acknowledge. Today is one of those days for TMP. The underdog of the Trans blogging scene has reached 100,000 page views. That may still rank us as the underdog, but it is far more than the 95,000 I had ever expected and I am humbly thankful to each and every supporter of this blog site.

I wanted to share my wild ideas of trans unity and the spiritual duality, that I personally feel, makes a person transgender. I purposefully did not set out to make this page about transitioning, or even being an advocate of seeking understanding from mainstream society. My goal has been to encourage our community to question our own ideas and beliefs. To talk about sometimes, taboo subjects in our community, like the division among men and women, sex work, races and transition status. I hope, I have begun a discussion, even on a small scale, within our community about re-thinking our own sometimes shameful attitudes, about what it means to be trans. I hope to continue to encourage all to see being transgender is not a limitation, but a divine gift. I hope this inspires many and help many more feel comfortable within their own skin. We don't have to be cis to be special, we are special because we are trans. I discuss many of  these topics in a series here on TMP entitled Defining Who We Are. TMP's celebration of those most inspiring within trans society, TMP's Annual Top 20 Most Influential People, has become one of the most viewed post here that is done annually on TMP's anniversary of Nov. 18. I also share my reviews of Trans related novels in a monthly book of the month post.

I have many things planned for TransMusePlanet in the future. I started TMP as a website, then converted to a personal blog page, and now through BlogSpot, I'm slowly returning to the original intensions of this blog; which is to have a variety of interest. One is a market place, currently selling the designs of Soul Manifest. Forums have often been an interest on trans websites, so now I've introduced the TMP Forum, where your voice can be heard. The original website was created as a collaborative website, to share voices from many sections of trans society. I'm glad to announce the TMP Guest Blog page is beginning to take shape. The Friends of TMP page will be shaping to be a resource page of useful information for our community. I love films and like the original website, I really wanted to pay tribute to the great films that have and are being made within our society. Now I will share and hopefully be able to always share the full length video of the films, on the TMP Movie Picks page. Lastly, the TMP Role Models, are my selection from across the board of trans society, in order to show diversity, inspiration,  and to promote unity within our culture. The future plans are to expand TransMusePlanet into publishing and eventually into film.

This blog site is accompanied  through several social network outlets. It's intention is to not only mention what the blog page is doing, but as a tool for news, entertainment, encouragement, inspiration, and conversation. Those sites include The TMP Daily Dispatch online newspaper, TMP Facebook page with over 3540 vocal and contributing friends. On Tumblr, the TMP Tumblr page is the more provocative page of pictures and stories within trans society. There is also a twitter page of TMP friends to follow, along with a new pinterest pageTMP Google + community page,  is where you will see the TMP blog post first. So how does all this work? Not by fans, or by followers but by Friends of TMP. My partner and big man in life, Aurelius Mark Angel, is the co-editor and helps keep me in line. Each social network page is helped by even more friends of TMP who act as administrators; Karen, Rebecca, Aurelius, Rebecca, Claire, Danny, Cord, Edwin, Charlotte, Shannon, Tim, Edward, Al, Candice, all assist in helping our community stay connected, promote knowledge and unity.

Most of all I'd like to thank the few contributors over the past two years, who have donated a total of 175 dollars to continue TMP. Every cent that has been contributed to TMP, over the past two years,  has been put back into the community by contributing to the Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Campaign in Charleston SC, who was a candidate for all people. A contribution was also made to the Mel Wymore campaign for City Council in New York City, and to the Transgender Law Center. The latest give back comes in the form of a 50$ gift card to Target for our #spring4unity blog/vlog contest along with and the film I Am The T. The winner will be announced the first week of April.

Considering those dear friends who have contributed so much of their time to the mission of TransMusePlanet, it is with a grateful and humble heart that I thank each and every reader to this blogsite for every single view of our latest 100,000th view. A special thank you to the most dedicated reader of TMP, a shout out to Mountain View, California. I don't know who you are but I know that there is someone in Mountain View California that has never missed one TMP blog post, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you my friend. Ironically, TMP's first blog post after our 100,000th view will not be for TMP, but expanding out with our #spring4unity contest partner, in just a couple of days, look for it.

Thank you to each and every friend of TMP. Together,  we will all continue to 'Celebrate The Unity and Duality of Being Trans.


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