Friday, September 13, 2013

Russian Anti-gay Propaganda law behavior now here at Charleston Southern University

Sabrina Samone, TMP

Like in the days of the Nazis, when a country is free to single out a group of individuals it deems undesirable, we have proof the consequences can be catastrophic…or have we?  Little is being done by western leaders over the crimes against humanity taking place in Russia and other countries that are openly persecuting LGBT persons.  According to Andy Humm; anchor of Free Speech TV Gay News show, Congressman Gregory Meeks recently admitted to a new Russian Caucus in DC to address Russian issues, the genocide of LGBT people was said to only be on the new caucus’s “radar”.

One hundred and three right wing republican groups have signed a letter of support to Russian Leaders for their new anti-gay propaganda laws, leading me to believe that this would be favored in the USA if Republicans ever gained total control of the White House. A few of the Right Wing groups that would like to openly persecute LGBT people here is the states are; The American Family Association, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Mission America, Real Women of Canada and the World Congress of Families, all who have signed their support of the anti-gay laws in Russia.

If you doubt LGBT Americans are not being affected yet by the desire to do as our comrades in Russia are doing to LGBT people, think again. Charleston Southern University, a four year Baptist university just down the street from me here in North Charleston South Carolina, USA,  has a major expansion under way and part of that expansion is, according to them; redefining our core values, translation;attack the gays.

According to WCBD Counton2 news, Stephen Lovegrove an openly gay student in his junior year of college has been fired as a resident assistant and has had his scholarship to the University taken away for posting the live performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Same love performance on his facebook page.

Because Lovegrove wanted to publicly post his religious beliefs and his pride in who he is, a gay man on his facebook page, the Baptist University has hindered his educational pursuit.  News 2 talked to Dr. Rick Brewer, the dean of student affairs at the school and asked about the conversation with Lovegrove. The Dean responded, “These are personnel issues that couldn’t be discussed.” Stephen Lovegrove has opted not to return this fall to CSU out of fear of LGBT persecution.

While we as American LGBT people focus our attention signing petitions in support of boycotts against the Russian Olympics, posting videos of murdered LGBT youth on your face book pages, remember that Big Comrade brother is here is the USA now, watching LGBT youth at many Southern Colleges and doing the same as Putin, only no one is watching.

It’s time to focus the attention of right winger’s attempts to do the same here in the states, it’s no longer would they do something similar here in the states, cause they already are, but how far will they try to take the same hate we have unfortunately been witnessed to in Russia.

According to Ryan C. Wilson of SC Equality, "The SC GSA Network has reached out to this student and has been offering him assistance and support."


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