Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things looking bright for what maybe NYC first Transgender City Councilman

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

Momentum is building around Mel Wymore’s run for New York City Council with double endorsements from Council member Daniel Dromm and the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City. With two endorsements in one week, the confidence is building to elect the first openly Transgender person elected to public office in the nation’s biggest city and one of only a handful ever in the U.S., which would make him one of the most influential political Transgender people in America.

Councilmen Dromm said of Mel, “This is a watershed moment. I see in Mel a proven ability to create real and lasting improvements to our city, to bring people together, and to break new ground in New York politics. I’m thrilled to endorse his candidacy and Iook forward to working with him in city Council.

The endorsement from the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York, the largest LGBT Democratic political club in the City and State of New York said, “Mel is a clear choice for the Stonewall Democrats. He is a pioneering leader who has proven to be a strong, effective advocate for our community, for his neighbors on the Upper West Side, and for all New Yorkers. There is no doubt that his dedication to building inclusive communities and to improving quality of life for all people will be an invaluable asset to City Council.”

Though Mel is not running on solely a Trans platform, cis-gender society will obviously make it an issue, but Mel seems to be using that to his advantage. He may be setting an example for other potential Trans Candidates; to first promote oneself as a community leader and use his Trans identity, secondarily,  as proof of strength, courage and an inclusive attitude to all under marginalized groups.

According to the Associated Press, Mel Wymore says, “I want to create the inclusive community, and it goes beyond my personal identity, but it actually lends a lot to my story and my credibility as a candidate. I’m honest, I’m brave, I’m forthright, and I’m willing to stand up for change.”

Many of our Cis gender allies would agree that to live visibly as a proud Transgender does take a certain amount of bravery that may add to the strength of a political leader. It seems the world is witnessing the Trans Revolution; Delaware this week along with several states are voting or voted on Transgender Rights laws, with the largest coverage being California. Nationwide, at least five transgender people have now won city, school board and judicial elections, including Mayor Stu Rasmussen in Silverton, Oregon.

It’s time, more than ever, to gather the troops and encourage all our trans-sisters and brothers to take an active role in supporting our Trans Candidates or to be involved in politics themselves. The revolution is in full swing, all numbers are needed, because there is no turning back until we can stand equal as another candidate and the day comes when our identity is no longer the topic, but the quality of our character is the main focus.

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