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Ten things a “trans chaser” says and what it really means…

 By Sabrina Samone, TMP           
Updated addition 7/15/2016 on bottom

"Trans Chasers, are men that'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, but fifty cents for your soul." -Sabrina Samone
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I don’t necessarily totally agree with this, I don’t classify those with a genuine interest in the person as another human being as a chaser. Some are attracted to transgender specifically for their spirit and mind, having had so many struggles, transcending genders and our unique broader view of the world, and are just attracted to that person regardless of gender. This I can understand but when it is hyper sexualized, that is the typical “chaser”. Heterosexual Transwomen and gay trans-men may suffer the most because of their direct contact to men, who are often viewed as doing and saying whatever it takes to get laid. Not that all men are dogs, but if it barks and walks like a dog, it’s a dog.

While we as transgender people desire, love, respect and companionship;” Tranny Chasers” are the bane of Trans existence.  Ask any trans-woman respectfully and she could tell anyone the stresses of enduring a life plagued with t-chasers. Unfortunately, many out and open trans-women, are commonly preyed upon by these abusive ignoramuses. Due largely to these ignorant cretins, the public has been handed a misinformed view of what it means to be Trans.

What that says to me is that because of the very same men that have a hyper sexualized fantasy,  of Trans people are more to blame for the explosion of the transgender sex industry. Transgender porn is currently the fastest growing form of porn. Because of laws preventing easier ways of changing legal documents, many transgender people find themselves trapped in the sex industry, desired, yet degraded by these types of men. Leaving mainstream society to label us more than ever, as constant sexual creatures that should be rightfully denied equality; down to a growing urge to deny many transgender people the correct restroom matching their presented gender. Even the transgender community itself has been torn by these exploiters of trans-feminine beauty. Dividing those in the sex industry from being fully accepted by the mainstream transgender society, who blames them for the over sexualized image of the transgender person. That is image is all because of the “T-Chaser” who claim to worship us. Transgender people should not be blamed for T-chasers sexual fantasies gone wild.

How do you know when you’re faced with someone with a sincere interest in you as a person and not as a “thing to explore?” What do the words of a chaser really mean? After discussing this with several online transgender women, a post of questions on a popular Trans dating site, I’ve come up with a quick beware list of what chaser’s say and what it really means.

   What a T-chaser says:

1.       I really like t-girls

Translation: I want to sleep with you, your roommate, your best friends, your trans-sisters, mama, daughter, nieces, your fellow showgirl friends, your trans-acquaintances…

2.       I love she males and trannies

Translation: I have no respect for you as a human being so I continue to use derogatory labels to dehumanize you.

 3.       I never been with a t-girl, but would  like to try.                           

  Translation Again, I think you’re less than human, with no emotions or feelings. I think of you as equal to a lab rat. Also, you should feel grateful I’d want to be with you. (Many are under the impression they are the only Cis-gender hetero-male to be attracted to a trans-girl.)

4.       I’m a versatile bottom. Are you a top?                
           Translation: I'm a bottom whore, I could never be faithful because I'd have to sample every shape, size, width, length etc. etc. etc...
 5.       I’m looking for a long term relationship with specifically, a t-girl:   
              Translation:   Since your not a working girl, I have to try and say something nice to convince you to fall and let me "try you" with no strings attached.
6.       I want to get to know you better:
              Translation: I may live in Timbuktu, but hoping you'd cyber with me and get me off and I'm only interested in what's between your legs, I could care less about you as a person, or I'll lie to you about wanting  to meet you, but will let you down because I don't consider you a person with feelings.
7.       How big are you?: 
             Translation: Again, I just want to sample you, I have a penis fetish but straight.
8.       You’re not my first t-girl:
             Translation: See, I get around and will probably do your friends next if given the chance.
9.       I'd like to come over and spend time with you. I really like you:
             Translation:  This is really a 2 am booty call. I'll never meet you and take you out on a proper date because I don't respect you the same way I respect a cis-woman, you're less to me.

10.   Wow…Your pictures are so beautiful,  your the most beautiful t-girl ever:
               TranslationI expect you to live up to my trans porn image of you, twenty-four seven. If you ever slip, I'm outta here.       
Now this may seem harsh if your a man and if you aren't guilty of any of these in your dealing with trans-women, then congrats, your not what we consider a "T-Chaser". This may be easily dismissed by men as just hateful, bitter t-girl male bashing. I assure you I'm not and when dating anyone new, I do keep an open mind with out placing all men in that catagory, but when I asked 8 other trans-women to tell me what they hear the most from T-chasers, these came up, and when posted on a trans-dating site 76 trans-women helped pick ten of the 17 things they know t-chasers say and the meaning behind it, so not just one girl is feeling this. In fact I was inspired to do a post like this by a video from Raven Wear, whom I've coined the Wendy Williams of Trans youtube, discussing T-Chasers.
                                                  Raven: What is a Tranny Chaser
My personal advice, if you truly prefer or very intrested in meeting a trans-woman, avoid these types of statments. Be open and honest about your intentions and remember we are human beings with feelings and emotions just like you and any genetic female you have dated.


This video came out this week from Buzz Feed, around the time a 3 year Anniversary of this post popped up on Facebook. It was also the week this post, TMP's most popular, and first to reach 50,000 views. Enjoy this hilarious video, but all jokes aside we trans people do understand many are attracted and want to know who to respect us. This video, along with the don'ts I've mentioned in this post can help cis-gender admirers make better decisions in the future on how to respectfully approach a trans person. Watch the video and ask yourself how you'd feel if someone asked you such question and then if you are one that is constantly getting closed doors when you approach a trans person you may see why.


Unknown said...

Wow that was a great article. It really made me realize what trans women have to deal with from guys. How humiliating and cripiling to your spirits indeed. Asshole like this (t-chasers) will be born again trans and face the same degradation.

mistereveready said...

While I readily agree with the not becoming someone's fetish release, I'm reluctantly going to play the devil's advocate.

People are attracted to various other things. Some adore blue eyes, red hair, smart/dumb, varying colors of skin, butch/femme, or big muscles. That item may be the main or only reasons that attracts someone. Point is objectifying happens regardless and can be both bad or good. The fetish so to speak, no matter what it is can spark interest in other aspects of the desired party. Of course it is wrong to treat people like disposable items for any reason. Example, a woman can be thoroughly sexually excited by only Latino men, but want a loving, relationship ship too. I feel just as used because someone dates me only because I'm a nice guy (they think, which usually means they think I'm a sucker) as I am with a person who only likes me because of my light red skin.

Finally some of the things mentioned about what a chaser says may be a tad overzealous. Some of the quotes mentioned can be said with sincerity, but with any claim it should be backed with evidence. Don't automatically discredited someone out of fear. They could just be bad communicators and or ignorant. In either case they could be legitimately nice and caring people or manipulative assholes.

If I missed any thing that would have rebutted or conceded my comments that was posted already, I'm sorry. I typed this on a smart phone and I tend to lose bits of the page.