Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another murder of a Brazilian Trans-woman

By Sabrina Samone, TMP

For decades, Transgender people of Brazil have enjoyed a relative normal and supportive life than any other country. Hormonal and surgeries provided by the government and very low rates of harassment. We have to thank the American Evangelical movement for changing that. In the past few years the transgender Brazilian community is increasingly becoming more of a target, along with funded American evangelical organizations preaching intolerance, now murders are reported nearly weekly. The latest is Savannah Vougue, a Brazilian trans-woman.

Savannah Vougue who was hit and shot in the face, died yesterday afternoon at the age of 28. A drive by that resulted in the shooting of two transgender women. On the evening of Friday, two trans-women, Savannah and 26 years old India suffered shots from a hate crime. A car stopped near the viaduct Promaorar the South zone of Teresina in Brazil, the driver called the two trans-women over and fired about 11 shots at them.

Savannah was shot in the face and was promptly transferred to a local hospital in serious condition. India was shot in the shoulder and wrist. The shooter was described in local Brazilian papers as a middle aged man and was described screaming at the two women during the incident.
According to information from the police, police patrols are now being held in the region in order to identify and arrest the suspected driver who shot the two women. 

  A country that was once one of the safest havens for the Transgender community is quickly joining the ranks of other nations with atrocities against LGBT people, like Russian, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Greece, America and several other nations that have seen a rise in violence towards people "supposedly" deemed undesirable my "so called" Christian organization

Now more than ever the United Nations and Amnesty International should be pressured to encourage all nations to protect the lives and dignity of LGBT people.

 Petition United Nations for Equal Human Rights for Transgendered People   Transgender Petition to the United Nations  : With links to several other petions including a petion to stop Transgender violence in America.                              

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